Good News x 2

With Willy

There are two pieces of good news on the tennis front… one involves a good  friend with cancer and the other a new tournament for January in Naples (and your opinions are needed).

Willy’s Bladder Cancer

Here is a great message from very good friend Willy Hoffmann on Tuesday:

Got some good news this afternoon!!

The tumor has not invaded the muscle and at the moment, chemotherapy is not necessary. We will go with another six weeks of BCG treatment which might work better the second time around then the first time.  If, and i hope not, the tumor still crawls back over the next 3-4 months then we have to bring in the artillery, but one step at a time ….

Now what does this mean?? I start BCG in three weeks, will be back on the courts in two and Tennis Fantasies here I come!!!!  Thanks for all your prayers and best wishes!!!!

Stressful times but Scorpio will get thru it


Doubles Only Tournament

And congrats to Larry Turville for being able to put together a new tournament to take place at Sanchez-Casal (aka Naples Bath & Tennis) in Naples from January 10th to 14th.  It is the week before the regular Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament at the World Tennis Center (which is then followed by the regular one at Sanchez-Casal).

New Format

In addition to being a doubles-only tournament, they will be playing a new format with all teams being divided up into round robin sections (four teams in each?).  That will mean most teams will play two matches per day (one morning and one afternoon) and have a minimum of three matches.

The winning team from each round robin section would then move forward into a regular single-elimination bracket.

Your Opinions Needed

Considering playing two two-out-of-three set matches a day, which could mean being on the court for somewhere between three and six hours, here is the question … would you recommend playing the full third set or using the ten-point match tiebreaker (until moving out of the round robin stage and into the final rounds)??

What do you think?

P.S. Big congrats to Willy and big Thanks to Larry T.

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18 thoughts on “Good News x 2

  1. I am so glad to gear that my long time friend Willy is on the mend. Aside from being a great tennis player, Willy is one of the all time “good guys” and he does not deserve to have to be dealing with this. Good on ya, Mate!! See you in October!!!

  2. Good for Willy all your tennis buds prayers are working so far. Second subject 10 point tiebreakers during round robins only.

  3. Never a better competitor than Willy – I would bet on you to win every time my friend!
    Enjoy Camp in October!!

  4. Yes we like something that week to take the place of Colonial . And we love the groups and round robins . Hope you allow/use a couple more days so we can play more days of that week . Thanks Larry !

  5. Terrific news Willy. I am so excited about seeing you on the courts.
    Also based on my age bracket, I vote for a third set tiebreaker. Potential 6 sets in one day too much for me.

  6. Great to hear the good news Willy! Round Robin is great, not sure about a full 2 of 3 in the R x R portion.

  7. Great news about Willy! As for the tournament, when playing once a day three full sets is fine but when playing twice a day would rather have a third set tiebreaker.

  8. Willy, Sounds like good news Willy. You are one of the few guys that do NOT come into my athletic training room at Tennis Fantasy! That tells me how tough you are and we pray you continue to kick that tumor’s ass!

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