Tournaments: Pro and Others

Frances Tiafoe

If you enjoy watching and playing in tournaments, now is the season.  Here is an update on several going on at this time…

Pros at Stowe VT

Friends and I went up to Stowe VT on Wednesday to have a close-up view of young American Frances Tiafoe, Tommy Haas, and several other top players in the inaugural Stowe Mountain Lodge Classic – aiming to be a regular pre-Open exhibition warm-up.

$45 seats in the sixth row, baseline provided “up close and personal” view of the action.  More information click HERE

National Grass Tournaments

This week also saw many familiar senior tennis names playing on grass at their National events.  Jimmy Parker, Jody Rush & Co. played the 70s at the Philadelphia Cricket Club, with results HERE.

And Fred Drilling, Joe Bachmann and other 75s – as well as super 80s —  played in Pontiac MI, with their results HERE

Naples Doubles Tournament?

Adding a doubles tournament to the curtailed January line-up in Naples is still a possibility!  Stay tuned for further developments.

US Open

Two-weeks of TV coverage starts on Monday.  In my humble opinion, watch for one of our favorite Old Guys (Nadal, Fed) to be in the mix at the end; and I like the looks of Spain’s Muguruza (in many ways) to be hanging around on the final weekend.

Any other tournament news or thoughts?

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1 thought on “Tournaments: Pro and Others

  1. Tournament news? I played last week in the men’s 50’s nationals on grass at Germantown CC in Philly (a few days before the 70’s at Philly CC down the road that you mention, George). I drew one of the #9 seeds in the first round and got my butt kicked, 6-1, 6-0, by a 51 year old (I am now 65) from Maryland who, according to TennisLink has won that state’s open championship several times in prior age groups. Oh, and he is also 5.0 NTRP rated to my 4.0. (Personally, he seemed more like a 5.5 to me, but what do I know?)

    But it was good fun, and I had my chances. In 4 of my service games, I held advantage multiple times on serve, only to see him make some truly spectacular shots to get it back to deuce. He ultimately won all 4 games as much because I just resigned myself to losing those games as anything else. Breaking his serve? Not a chance. Hell would have to freeze over, twice, before that would happen.

    Now, here is the kicker: My opponent was a Swede. So, after the first set I decided to tease him about it on a changeover — basically because I was losing so badly I figured why not? I told him that, during warm up, I was trying to figure out if he was a Mats Wilander style Swede or a Stefan Edberg type Swede, but I realized from the first set that it really didn’t matter.

    In response, he dead panned: “Actually, I played both of them multiple times in the juniors back in Sweden so I think I am a little of both.”

    That made me feel a tiny bit better. You cannot make this stuff up.

    Marty, now you know what i felt like giving away 15-20 years to guys at Newk’s!! thanks, george

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