Sometimes you watch or play this great game of ours and ask yourself “WHY is that so?”  Here are some of my perplexing questions that you don’t need to be Einstein to answer …

  • Hard Court Lines – Watching a pro tournament on TV, the commenters observed, “The ball skidded off the line because they don’t put the same grit (sand) on the lines as they do on the court. Why?
  • Soft Court Marks – Whether it is the pros or us hackers, there are times when you go to check a mark and there are several in that spot. Why don’t the pros have the ball boys/girls wipe away marks near the lines on changeovers?  Why don’t all us hackers do the same?
  • What’s the score? – Many players clearly announce the score before serving; but many don’t, which frequently causes questions (especially as we age!) as to the correct score. Why don’t they announce the score?
  • Balls In/ Balls Left – Most players leave the balls on the court on changeovers; but why do some players bring them in and hand them to you while you are trying to towel off and take a drink?
  • Tiebreaker Scoring – Why does the tiebreaker start with one person/team serving only one point and not two points?
  • Pro Mark Challenges – Why have the pro tournaments put the responsibility on the players’ shoulders to challenge calls (and give them only three)? Why not have the chair umpire call up the challenge on any close call?
  • Sun Problems – Why do only a very few pros wear sunglasses or hats (with the bills forward)?

Those are some of mine.  What are your answers to these questions or your “why’s”?

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7 thoughts on “Why??

  1. With regard to the tiebreaker, that would give the advantage to the first serve, aka coin toss winner, to win the set without ever earning a mini-bresk. If each hold serve for 14 points, the first server wins the set with a tiebreaker score of 8-6 just because they served first.

    Mark, Great answer! thanks, george

  2. “Many players clearly announce the score before serving; but many don’t, which frequently causes questions (especially as we age!) as to the correct score. Why don’t they announce the score?” …I don’t know George, except that it’s important to announce the score before you serve because remembering the score is one of the hardest parts of the game these days! lol.

    Jim, i will play a senior dubs match and all four of us cannot remember the score! george

  3. George I have been in senior matches where the server puts the ball in play for the first point of a game, a long point ensues, and following the point, the server forgot that he was serving! LOL

    Jim, 🙂

  4. • Hard Court Lines – I say BS. The ball skids on the line because the line is painted on top of the court, which contains the imbedded sand. You don’t add sand to paint.

    • Soft Court Marks – Great idea to erase the marks. I am going to start doing it.

    • What’s the score? – Yes, but does anybody really know what time it is; if so I can’t imagine why; we’ve all got time enough to cry… oops, I forgot myself.

    • Balls In/ Balls Left – Leave the balls on the court, dammit. If you bring them over to me on a changeover, I will have a senior moment and forget to bring them with me when I change ends. This political correctness/ politeness stuff goes too far. Sheesh.

    • Tiebreaker Scoring – Mark Wirth is correct.

    • Pro Mark Challenges – Why not have the chair umpire do it/ why can only the players do it? First, the chair umpire may not realize the ball could be different than the call that was made either. Second, the chair umpire can already overrule if he sees the ball clearly different than the call. Third, it is fun watching the players try to decide whether to risk losing a challenge by asking for a review. It injects a little more strategy into the game.

    • Sun Problems – I have no clue why the pros don’t wear sunglasses and hats with their peaks straight. I wear both all the time and look at my game…. Er, maybe the pros are on to something.

    Marty, good stuff! Thanks. George

  5. As a teaching pro I pick up the balls on a change over and hand them to my opponent because after teaching for 48 years I know club members won’t and it’s just habit, no sun glasses no hat to cover ears , young and dumb.

    Butch, but why did start bringing the balls in? George

  6. I have spoken to a few pros about why they wear their caps backwards and don’t wear sunglasses. They all feel that the cap brims and sunglasses interfere with seeing the ball when it is approaching so rapidly.
    I think I would have greater problems seeing the ball without the cap brim and sunglasses to block the sunlight and reflected glare. In addition, when the eyes are exposed to sunlight, without the UVA and UVB blocking that sunglasses provide, cataracts develop much earlier.

    Doc, I just don’t understand their logic. Thanks. George

  7. Great points that you’ve made about “hard court lines” and “soft court marks” – we all should spread the word. — “Whats the score?” – Too often our senior opponent can’t hear, or we become hoarse. Handing off the balls to you at mid- court changeover might be a courtesy which prevents you from bending over and not being able to straighten up. SUN GLASSES – I couldn’t do without them and they also protect against cataracts. Phil Dent (Taylor Dent’s father) was an Aussie who wore them – one of the few. I think baseball hats are worn with the bills backward only because it looks “cool” or maybe it looks like they are running faster.

    Dag, good answers! Thanks. George

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