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Not me, but a good tennis friend has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer that has not responded to the minor surgery and the docs at Mayo clinic advise removing the organ.

Information Needed

Like I did with my prostate cancer ten years ago (!), he is looking for all the information he can gather.  At the time, my doctor-cousin advised me, “take it out, and you will never have to worry about it again.”  And I also got great post-op advice from blog readers who had gone through the same process.

According to

Radical cystectomy is the removal of the entire bladder, nearby lymph nodes (lymphadenectomy), part of the urethra, and nearby organs that may contain cancer cells. In men , the prostate, the seminal vesicles, and part of the vas deferens are also removed.

The surgery is done through a cut (incision) the doctor makes in your lower belly. Sometimes it can be done as laparoscopic surgery. Some people call this “Band-Aid surgery,” because it requires only small cuts. To do this type of surgery, a doctor puts a lighted tube, or scope, and other surgical tools through small cuts in your lower belly. The doctor is able to see your organs with the scope.

So, anyone with knowledge and/or experience… what do you know about having and recovering from this surgery?

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4 thoughts on “Bladder Cancer

  1. (from Kevin B) – Had an internet friend – from a dental group – who had his removed. He said that he was given the option of having an artificial one made or wearing an external bag. He elected the external bag. He kept up all his regular – well, in his case, not so “regular” activities – such as sky diving – and we even met up down in Bonaire for some scuba diving. Had he not told me that he had that situation, I wouldn’t have known. I didn’t ask about the actual surgery or recovery.

    I also put a current patient of mine in touch with him who was facing the same situation and wanted to go on a trip that would involve snorkeling. They got it done. Best of luck to your friend.


  2. I don’t know how much time your friend has before his decision, but he can start today with an inexpensive alternative (see below). I just watched a special on the Detroit PBS station last night. This was covered:

    Here is the corresponding book (available in the Collier County library):

    I googled “plant-based diet and bladder cancer” and came up with this from Dr. Greger’s website:

    Here’s another interesting video. This video mentions the reversal of prostate cancer but it’s mainly about esophageal cancer:

    You can search online to see if there are any other mentions of plant-based diet and bladder cancer.

    Scott, thanks for all the great info! George

  3. I agree with Scott’s info. Dr. Greger, who promotes the plant based diet from Netflix “Forks Over Knives”, is a good source for these questions. He has talked about studies reversing the affects of esophageal cancer through strawberries and fighting prostrate and colon cancer. Another site for his info and videos is

    Doug, thanks! George

  4. For anyone interested, this attorney from California (overcame a battle with cancer) has a very informative recently new site called

    A few common denominators seem to overlap from all the diferent alternative sources

    1. Sugar needs to be tightly controlled and mostly eliminated (yes this includes fruit also)

    2. A reset is necessary. This can come from a hard right turn and changing up the diet completely , a type of fasting routine, controlled calorie deficit, intermittent fasting, adding certain power house nutrients to aid in detoxification ( theres lots of crap being peddled of course but certain things have hardcore science and research behind them

    3. Introspection and self discovery. Why do we think the thoughts we do and why do we do the things we do.

    4. A change of mindset that we are not broken nor deficient not capable of healing ourselves. Our bodies are simply responding …nothing BAD is hapening, our aim to help the bodies response and working at desolving the underlyjng cause to which the body is responding.

    Hope its helpful. There is really Quality INFORMATION out there . CAVEAT EMPTOR.

    Marc, thanks! george

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