New Snr Tennis Group

This weekend is my annual New Hampshire doubles tournament, while there are concerns about SW Florida losing two tournaments, and a new Senior Men’s tennis group is forming.

The National Senior Men’s Tennis Association (NSMTA)

Over the past several months, a number of national tournament players and directors have been working to form a new men’s tennis organization.  Some of the familiar names on their board of directors are:

  • Steve Duffel
  • Mas Kimball
  • Jimmy Parker
  • Jerry Thomas
  • Ed Trost
  • Larry Turville

According to a recent email that went out, “The purpose of the National Senior Men’s Tennis Association is to promote tennis among senior men 35 & over. This includes raising awareness, increasing interest, improving the quality of senior tennis events, and providing local support to tennis communities in the United States. Our aim is to provide a forum for communicating with members, for exchanging information and ideas amongst members, and to provide input to the United States Tennis Association that will be of benefit to senior men’s tennis.”

They are asking players to complete a very short survey.  If you didn’t respond on the first go-round, a reminder blast will be coming from them on Sunday.

Florida Super Senior Grand Prix

There has been lots of disappointment over SW Florida losing two of their January tournaments.  So if anyone knows of a facility that may still be willing to host one, please move it forward.

New Hampshire Chargers Tournament

With my defending-champ partner Bob Wilkie away, I am teaming up with another strong lefty, Larry Barnes, for this weekend’s tournament.  we are playing a round-robin in the 60+ “A” division, which starts this afternoon.

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7 thoughts on “New Snr Tennis Group

  1. Would you consider the east coast like Vero Beach home of King Van Nostrom and some excellent players? We have 16 courts at Sea Oaks. John’s Island has 17. Grand Harbor about 8. Answer that and we’ll get some more clubs involved.

    Gene, the trouble is those locations would require over-nights for anyone coming from the west coast to play. thanks, george

  2. Ii tried to comment but the survey said it was full

    Butch, i believe there will be another blast coming on Sunday. thanks. george

  3. George, you do such a great job for senior tennis and I appreciate it. What can we do to bring at least one of those tournaments back to SW Fla? An important factor for most tournaments is the bottom line. Perhaps we should find a way to make sure the facility makes money. Sponsors, etc.

    Joe, as they say, “Money talks,” so sponsors and in-kind donations would probably help. george

  4. I would like to support Gene Wheeler’s idea of bringing the East Coast into the Super-Senior West Coast Grand Prix. There seem to be some appropriate facilities , there has been a tradition of competitive tournaments on the East Coast (some of which give prize money), and eminent super-senior players, such as King von Nostrand (the reigning ITF World Individual Champion in Men’s 80 Singles, with a career ITF won-lost record of 290- 20 (.93.5%)! Seeing the Federer of American Super-Senior Senior Tennis play makes one’s heart fairly sing with joy).

    As for the players who winter on the West coast: How about players from the Northeast, the East coast of Florida, snowbirds from the UK and Canada (and other countries) all of whom are willing to come and “take overnights” in order to compete in this organized set of tournaments. There is even a sub-plot: How do players on the East Coast stack up with those on the West Coast ?

    Finally, before the Super-Senior Grand West Coast Prix became an organized set of tournaments, there was a historical predecessor – the Senior Grand Prix.

    So, I think players who live on the West coast could adapt at least once a season, don’t you? Most of those on the West coast don’t compete in every tournament.

    Has Gene’s suggestion been explored? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

    Nick, easy to say for a guy who flies to Russia to play a tennis tournament!! 🙂

  5. Regarding Nick’s comment: “there is even a sub-plot: How do players on the East Coast stack up with those on the West Coast ?”, we all know that there is no comparison….West Coast guys are much better, right?
    John Bradbury

    John, if not “better,” at least “nicer”! 🙂 george

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