Revised Florida Tournaments

There have been many questions about the 2018 Florida Super Senior Grand Prix line-up of tournaments.  So here is the latest schedule (with SW Florida losing TWO tournaments).

2018 West Coast SSGP Schedule

January 15-21………World Tennis Center (Naples)

January 22-28………Sanchez-Casal Academy (Category 2, Naples)

January 29- February 4………GT Bray Park (Bradenton)

February 5-11……….Payne Park (Sarasota)

February 12-18……..Meadows Country Club (Sarasota)

February 19-25…….Palm Aire Country Club (Sarasota)

February 26- March 4…..St. Petersburg Country Club (Category 2, St. Petersburg)

April 7-8……………….15th Annual Florida Cup (University Park)

What it Means…

For those who live in SW Florida, it means we have lost both Colonial (Ft. Myers) and Sterling Oaks (Naples, CAT II); but the people in the Sarasota area benefit by now having four tournaments (and the Florida Cup) in their area + the St. Pete CAT II not too far away.

I know it is a challenge; but it is a shame that no other SW Florida clubs were willing to take on a tournament, because not many Collier players will be willing to make the daily drive north to play + it messes up the northerners who come down to rent and play.

Mark Taylor, USTA Florida, Florida Cup Commissioner, says that any questions about the series should go directly to him at

What are your thoughts about this new schedule?

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2 thoughts on “Revised Florida Tournaments

  1. George, I was caught by surprise to find out Colonial was out. Last communication was that it was in. As you know several attempts were made to find a club that would have a tournament in Naples but to no avail. Sanchez is willing to have a second event before WTC which if all else fails might be better than nothing. It is ironic that we have four in Sarasota where the players prefer to play in league matches. Hopefully, the new tournament will get some players.

    Larry, i was one who felt two at Sanchez was better than losing a tournament in the area. Let’s hope something can be worked out. thanks, george

  2. Man, I really HATE to lose half the January tournaments in the Naples area. If ASC could put on two, that would be great. I don’t suppose there’s any chance WTC would consider having a Singles (only) tournament one week and a Doubles (only) tournament another week? I think there are many players who don’t want to play Singles and Doubles in the same tournament but would play both if they were different weeks. That might bring in more participants, and more $ for the home club. (And doing Singles first might help guys find partners that don’t have regular partners.)

    Terry, while it would be a real challenge for club volunteers, i think that is a GREAT idea! thanks, george

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