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SuperSenior Gordon Hammes

There are several tournaments coming up in the months ahead – from a small local New Hampshire event … to a new ITF tournament in Naples … to the World’s in Orlando.  Here are some highlights…

Chargers Club

The 24th Annual Chargers Tennis Classic will be held on August 4-6 on the Colby-Sawyer college courts + the (senior) soft courts at nearby Lake Sunapee Country Club.  If you are in the area and over 60, sign up and join those trying to dethrone Bob Wilkie and me!

For more information and signup forms, click HERE

National 70s Grass

This national championship will take place at the Philadelphia Cricket Club starting August 21st.  for more information – and to follow the action – click HERE.

New ITF Tournament

Larry Turville reports that Sanchez-Casal (Naples Bath and Tennis) will be hosting a new ITF SENIOR tournament the first week of October.  There will be Men’s and Women’s singles, doubles and mixed in age groups from 65 to 85.

For more information, contact Sanchez-Casal, Larry or me.

World Team Competition

From www.supersenior.info , Composition of the Super Senior Men’s Teams for the October 8-13 World Team Championships at the new USTA facility in Lake Nona FL have been announced (why so soon?):

65s: David Sivertson, Larry Turville (C), Leonard Wofford, Paul Wulf

70s: Michael Beautyman, Les Buck, Jimmy Parker, Jody Rush (C)

75s: Joe Bachmann (C), Fred Drilling, Rudy Hernando, Leland Housman

80s: Gordon Hammes, J.B. Hayes, Lester Sack (C), King Van Nostrand

85s: Clem Hopp, George McCabe, John Powless (C), Joe Russell

Makeup of the Senior Teams to be competed in Miami from October 29 to November 3 have also been unnecessarily announced many months in advance:

50s: Arthur Hernandez (C), Young Kwon, Rick Leach, Andrew Stoner

55s: Mill Moss, Stuart Saiki, Michael Tammen (C), Ken White

60s: Maxime Buyckx, Sal Castillo, Ross Persons (C), Mark Vines

Any other events senior tennis players should know about?

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Tournaments

  1. George, there’s no such thing as a pro Senior tournament:). Unless McEnroe, Wilander, Cash, etc. are playing. The tournament at Sanchez is an ITF Tournament. I’m sure that’s what you meant:). Other tournaments you didn’t mention are the Nat’l 75 Grass in Pontiac, MI, August 21st, and the 75 Clays in Virginia Beach, VA, starting Sept. 11th.
    You guys up north are sure missing some nice warm weather down here!

    Fred, you are correct… what i meant was: there is prize money awarded. thanks. george

  2. The World Individual Championships (65-85) follow immediately the Team championships – To arrive early enough to cheer on the USA teams (hopefully) in the semifinals Oct 13,14 also gives you time to practice and get ready for the first round Oct 15. World Championships only hosted by USA every 10 years or so – I will not miss it even if not ready to compete – great to see some of the best players in the world in our age groups – good luck Larry in the 65’s and Fred in the 75’s – 70’s showcases senior legend Jimmy Parker – 80’s and even 85 men are inspirational tennis players – women and mixed divisions also – GREAT EVENT – BE THERE!

    Winder – go for it! george

  3. Here’s another upcoming senior event:

    Senior Tennis Tournament
    held at the Lake Sunapee Country Club
    Sunday, July 23 2017

    for men: 65 and over-8 game pro set matches
    for women: 60 and over.
    65 & over for men, for women or mxd in same draw-8 game pro sets
    All matches will take place on Sunday. This is a one day event.

    Entry fee:

    $10 for members for singles, $15 for non-members for singles,
    $20 for members per doubles team, $30 for non-member doubles teams, $25 for member/non member team

    Entry fee includes tee shirt, balls and awards for finalists

    For more information about these events, contact Coach Lynn Miller at
    lmillertennisclinics@yahoo.com or call 508-847-0057 (cell #)
    Entry Deadline: Wednesday, July. 19, 2017, 5pm
    Name______________________________________ Home Address_____________________________
    Contact phone #_______________ E-mail____________________ ____________________________
    Age as of DEC. 31, 2017__________
    Events: ______Men’s 65 and over singles _______Women’s 60 and over singles
    ______Men’s 65 and over, women’s 65 & over or 65 & over mxd doubles (all in same draw)
    Payment of $____ enclosed with checks made payable to Lynn Miller, with entry fee and form sent to POB 65, North Sutton, NH 03260
    Call 603-927-4230 on Thursday, July 20th, for starting times. All matches will be 8 game pro sets .
    Please sign liability waiver below:
    I, __________________________, will not hold the Lake Sunapee Country Club or tournament director, Lynn Miller, responsible for any injury or illness incurred during this tournament.
    Signature____________________________ Date________________

  4. George- For future use and others consumption.

    Yonahlossee Adult Clay Court @ Blowing Rock, NC is one of the best senior summer clay court tournaments in the South held in the High Country region of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many top players from the Southern USTA section compete in the event which usually has over 200 total entries. Great mountain area courts @ spectacular clubs, good competition and excellent player friendly tourney with dinner events.

    Also known as Gladys Hackworth Tourney- 25th year!

    Chuck, thanks! george

    Tournament ID # 700098217

    Entry deadline is 7/19 and the tourney is held 7/27-30.


    For rental properties, Contact
    Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals (800-237-7975)
    Carolina Cabin Rentals (828-295-6000)


  5. Hi Fred and George,
    I show the National 75 Clay Courts beginning on August 21 in Virginia Beach and not in October. Where did I go wrong? thanks, Dennis

    Dennis, according to supersenior.info, the 75/80 clay tournament is Sept. 11 in Virginia Beach. And the 70/85/90 is at Pinehurst Sept 24th. george

  6. As a Virginia Beach resident, I enthusiastically approve of the 75-80 clay court nationals switching from the August to September dates. After labor day, the summer crowds have thinned, more reasonable accommodations can be found, the chance of milder temperatures are better, and it is the best time of year for ocean swimming (on less crowded beaches). Water temperature is perfect, no jellyfish, and the Great White sharks courteously avoid contact with tennis players (except for those that make bad calls).

    Winder, all good stuff! Thanks, george

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