Naples City Tourny Final

Matt Davie and me

Matt and I were able to finally play the Naples City Tournament 70s doubles final this morning at Cambier Park, under sunny and warm skies (leaving Florida this weekend for the summer).

The Opponents

Having won our first two rounds early in the month, we had been waiting weeks for the matches in the bottom half to be played.  The semi-final was between #2 seeded Art Allen and Jeanne-Pierre Garnier vs. George Hahn and Ed Turville (older brother of).

Good friend Ron Bartlett went to the park on Wednesday evening to scout the match for us, sending regular texts updating the see-saw match.  Allen/Garnier won the first set; but in between raindrops Hahn/Turville came back to take the second. And as they started the match tiebreaker, the skies opened up and they were rained out.

Yesterday, they played their match tiebreaker, with Hahn/Turville edging out the #2 seeds 12-10.

Today’s Final

They are a tough team: with George Hahn hitting a big serve and big forehand; and Ed Turville hitting the Turville Family Slice Backhand.  In the first set, they broke my serve twice; but we held Matt’s strong lefty serve three times … and were able to break their serves three times for a 6-4 victory.

In the second set, they went up a break; but we broke back for me to be serving at 4-4.  Suddenly, we found ourselves in a 0-40 hole; and I was picturing the match going to another Ten Pointer.

But we took it “one point at a time” and I got mostly well-placed first serves in; so we were able to come back and hold my serve.

Then George Hahn served at 4-5 and he quickly went up 40-0; but Matt said, “We just came back the game before. We can do it again.”

And we did.  6-4, 6-4.

“Movin’ on up!”

I was very happy with how Matt and I teamed up… with his strong lefty serve and my steady game, we make a good pairing (I believe in three tournament and five practice matches we were undefeated, splitting sets one time).

Next year I turn 75, so Matt and I will team up for the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix January tournaments and see if we can do some damage in the 75s.

For the link to all Naples’ tournament results, click HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Naples City Tourny Final

  1. Congrats George…. Finding a good and compatible doubles partner is a rare accomplishment. Not only do the strokes and physical elements need to match up, but the personalities need to mesh as well. It is like those rare situations of having a perfect marriage. When (or if) one ever finds such a partner, it always reminds me of that refrain from Some Enchanted Evening: “Once you have found (him/ her), never let them go.”

    Marty, oh soooo true! thanks, george

  2. excellent work, young men! proud to know you two. 75’s competitors better look out next year!

    Joe, enjoy your remaining years in the 70s and see you when you “move up.” thanks, george

  3. (Randy posted this under the “Doubles first” piece, but thought it might get more play here)

    Don’t know if this fits but I will ask it hear. Conversation is doubles or singles first. I am playing a grass court level 2 tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona next week. Tournament starts on May 30 runs thru June 4th. 6 days average temp somewhere between 100 and a 105.

    Draw is 15 players in 60 and over. Tournament director has decided to have us play 1st round singles at 11:45 and 2nd round singles (not consolation) at 5:15 same day with 3rd round (semis) next morning at 11am. I am just starting to play tournaments again and am surprised at us playing so much in that temp. Tournament director said he trying to get us done so he would have plenty of courts for open division later.

    Is playing this many singles this quickly common assuming no weather issues?


    Randy, i have NEVER seen a senior tournament make you play two singles matches in one day (that was not rain-delayed). My advice: be very, very careful in that dry desert heat. george

  4. Seniors playing singles twice in one day – most of the non-national tournaments I have played (primarily in Mid-Atlantic) requires 2 singles a day in order to complete the tournament over a weekend. Typically, it is non seeded players who have to play twice
    the first day. I remember well really begrudging my early tournament days of playing a fresh seed after I had already played a preliminary singles match. When I started being seeded, I thought it was a great system!

    Winder, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Thanks. George

  5. Takes a helluva doubles player to garner a prized, lefty tournament partner. Congrats, George!

    Kevin, you all “wrong siders” are a unique breed. thanks, george

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