January Tournament Opinions???

Since Sterling Oaks dropping out, The Florida Super Senior Grand Prix organizers are finding it difficult to locate a venue for the fourth Naples-area January tournament for 2017.  So here are some questions related to that search/solution…

Question #1: Would you rather have just three Naples area tournaments and a bye week or, if Sanchez/Casal were willing, have TWO tournaments take place there?

Question #2: If there are only three local tournaments, would you rather have them “front loaded” and an off week at the end of three consecutive tournaments … or have a bye week to break up the three Naples-area tournaments?

Thanks for your opinions.

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11 thoughts on “January Tournament Opinions???

  1. I would rather have two tournaments at ASC. If there are only three tournaments, I would rather have them on three consecutive weeks.

    Do you think Lely and Traviso Bay would cohost a tournament? Or Fiddlers Creek, or anywhere on Marco Island?

    Terry, Lely is usually overbooked. if you know anyone at those places, feel free to ask around. george

  2. 1st choice is have 2 at Sanchez. 2nd choice is skip the 1st week and have 3 consecutive and then head north.

  3. We ( the real tennis junkies ) loved it before when , during the bye week , we got to play a tournament on the East Coast . One year they even organized 3 tournaments during that week ! Honest it’s true . Three days each using all 9 days of the bye week . I was 1-1 against Frank Froeling that year , in doubles over there . I got to practice with Bob Sherman over there . Always a high point of our Florida trip . But when Niesi Sie took over the East Coast swing , they quit doing that .I suggest this : We should try to coordinate our bye week with the East Coast so that we can play over there one week . Just sayin’ .

  4. George, I think we are leaning towards having three tournaments ending before the beginning of February which benefits those whose come down and rent for a month. I like the idea of a break week after, but have a tournament on the East Coast during the break week. Mark Taylor will make the final call.

  5. First choice, two tournaments at Sanchez. Second choice, front load the first three weeks

  6. I like having two at ASC also. Maybe I”m missing something here, but If you don’t want to play and need a bye week, who is forcing you to enter? And as noted above, the east coast is problematic for monthly renters such as myself.
    Thanks for spearheading this informal poll George!

  7. I like the change of venue rather then 2 tournaments at the same club. I also would love the off week to play an east coast event. Then the northern players visiting don’t feel they are being short changed.

  8. Not sure why the “East Coast option” is a factor – I’ve never done the commute daily from Naples to an East Coast tournament venue but assume it is too much for 3-5 days in a row. Doubling accommodation costs not financially prudent for many of us who travel to Naples in January from Northern climes – Naples does not have a plethora of inexpensive, convenient places to stay. If only 3 tournaments, start the first one in the 2nd week of January and have them consecutive. Of course, I prefer four. Two at the one location might be best back to back weeks (last two in January if one is the super tier II event). I may not be able to be there this January but the above is my “vote” for whatever that is worth.

  9. Lots of us played a tournament on the East Coast during our Bye week , in the old days . Luz and I stayed in our RV . But others stayed with friends or found places over there . Nowadays you can find lots of cheap places on airbnb or numerous other internet sites . I can remember many great matches , good times , and great clubs over there . I must say one memorable highlight was the Tournament Party at Kelly Hall’s house . Hope we can again arrange to coordinate something , if we have a Bye week .

  10. Agree with Winder Bill (3 tournaments in Naples but not beginning until the 2nd week in January).

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