Looking For Tournament Home

There is a shake-up in the planned schedule for the 2018 Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series… and planners are looking for a home for one tournament.

The Changes

Sterling Oaks has been the home of a well-run CAT II tournament over the last few years; but is bowing out for 2018.  My understanding is that Sanchez-Casal is interested in taking over that slot; but that would leave one opening for the Naples-Ft. Myers series.

Where To Go?

A couple of local clubs have been approached but so far there are no takers.  Do you know an area club that might be interested in hosting a “regular” USTA senior’s tournament (probably the week of January 29th)?

One-Month Renters

There are visitors who come to SW Florida and rent for one month to play in the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series.

So looking at the calendar and considering the one month renters, maybe best to have the Sanchez-Casal CAT II the week of Jan 22nd (when I assume their regular tournament slot is) and if another comes through, have that the following week (which spills into February)?

Or is it better to just have three in the Naples-Ft. Myers area and have that slot be a “bye week”?

Or if Sanchez-Casal was willing to host TWO tournaments is that better than none?

What are your thoughts and suggestions on all this?

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9 thoughts on “Looking For Tournament Home

  1. I think it would be good to have a bye week. Actually I think starting earlier and having
    a tournament every other week makes more sense. Four weeks in a row and playing
    many of the same people really disrupts all the league play.

    Phil, my guess is… if there is a “bye week” it will be after the three consecutive January tournaments. thanks, george

  2. I would not like to see us lose another tournament. Any location would be great. What about University Park? Sanchez Casal’s has the courts to host the CATII, but it would have to be run better than last year. Hoping for another great year on the SouthWest Florida Super Senior Circuit.

    John, if you remember, University Park had the tournament several years ago and gave it up for lack of parking. Thanks. George

  3. Since it’s so late in January, come on up to Sarasota a week earlier than usual. We can probably find a good home for the tournament.

    John, I bet if you can find a place, they would consider it! Thanks, George

  4. Well, I already rented my place for the month of January (spilling into February) at the World Tennis. So Sarasota isn’t an option for me. I like the four tournaments in a row….and would like to see them continue. Had no problem with Sanchez last year, not sure what problems other people had.

    If someone doesn’t like the four in a row, well, you can always sit one out, no? I’d vote for Sanchez Casal to take over the Sterling Oaks slot and do two tournaments. OR, is Cambier Park available for tournaments? Maybe a local would know that story?

    Mike, thanks for your input. george

  5. George, If I’m not mistaken there are tournaments on the east coast that people could play if they’re willing to drive across the peninsula. I almost did that myself this year. Instead I gave myself a bye week by skipping Payne Park. Also, would love to be able to line up a couple of practice partners and courts on which to practice if the tournament site has none available. Seems a lot of players are committed to someone to practice with and I found myself only playing tournament matches and trying to destroy a wall — which is nowhere near actual on court practice.
    One more thing…housing. I’ve heard some people say they don’t play Naples anymore due to cost of motels, etc. Many years ago I suggested the Seniors Home Exchange and The Affordable Travel Club. (I’m sure there are others, as well.) I tell people not to be mistaken by the “Exchange” word since without exception I have stayed absolutely free at every home I contacted and never an exchange took place. The Affordable Travel Club requires a whopping $10 which covers breakfast in the morning provided by the hosts. Personally, if we had a major senior tournament in our area I would host several players at no cost to them — kind of like the pros were hosted by locl residents in the early days of the ATP tournament in Cincinnati. I told Alan Messer about these no- and low-cost methods of housing years ago. Don’t know if anyone took advantage, but in my opinion they’re insane to not look into it. I have made some long-term friends via these organizations.

    Bernie, interesting perspective (but what else would one expect from you!). thanks, george

  6. I am one of those one month only renters (January) and would really hate to see a bye week.

  7. NBTC (ASC) ok with me for two tournaments if necessary AS LONG AS THEY DO IT RIGHT/Publish draws and times for all matches every night latest for the next day. No skipping days either.

  8. Guys,

    I have read the input and am working to put the 2018 SSGP schedule together. Its a work in progress and several issues to navigate but will have the schedule released sometime this summer. Continue to follow this blog as I’ll make sure George gets the correct and factual information…….

    Mark Taylor
    USTA Florida
    Florida Cup Commissioner

    Mark, we hope that Naples/ Ft Myers ends up with a fourth tournament home! Thanks, george

  9. I sure hope we can have 4 tournaments in the Naples area in January. Any chance The Strand would host one, or one of the Pelican communities, or maybe a combination of Cambier Park and Pelican Bay Park – both are Parks & Rec I think? Are the tournaments usually profitable?

    Terry, all the communities you mentioned are not interested! Cambier might be an option. Thanks, george

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