U.S. Davis Cup

You won’t read it in the sports section and won’t see it in the TV news, but the United States is playing Australia in Davis Cup STARTING TONIGHT!

TV Schedule

The Tennis Channel will be broadcasting live from Australia, starting with tonight’s first singles rubber; and will continue over the weekend… so set your DVR’s to record.

Hard-Hitting Team

Both the US and the Aussies are fielding a team of mostly hard-hitting players, with the record-breaking Bryan brothers not on the roster this time.  Key to the win for the Americans will be if they can take a singles match from Krygios … or they have to sweep all three other matches.

I say we move onto the next round.  You?? Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “U.S. Davis Cup

  1. Davis Cup needs to be revamped to instill excitement.
    I have long been of the thought that it should be played every four years and played in a shorter period of time like three weeks. Very similar to World Cup soccer.
    I don’t know soccer I don’t like soccer but when World Cup is on I do infact watch for the pure excitement in the crescendo as it builds up towards a final.

    Under current format most everyday tennis fans can’t even tell you what is going on. The stop and start just does not bring any build up excitement.

    A tennis friend.

  2. My father was Davis Cup Captain in 70 & 71 and I was lucky enough to be water boy in 71 in Charlotte. It was quite an experience. It was the last time they had the Challenge Round where last year’s winner got to stay in the finals for the next year. It was a big advantage and why Australia & the US won so many times. I would like to bring something like that back a “Semi’s Challenge Round”. The two countries in finals would get to start in the semi’s the following year. However, they would not automatically get home court advantage as in the old days. This would put a spotlight on the final two rounds and give a break to the teams who worked hard to make the finals. I remember a few years back when Australia won it and a few months later they had to play again for the next year and lost. These teams deserve a break and it might encourage more of the top players to play.

    Larry, great experience as a youngster and interesting proposal. How about in the FSSGP?! George

  3. Perhaps a telling display of the lack of interest in current Davis Cup is that George only got two comments (until this one). Granted, Larry’s comment was worth 5 or 6 normal ones but Davis cup interest/enthusiasm has declined drastically over my lifetime. It still generates some interest when final 4 teams are playing but only in the countries involved. When the Lendl led Czechoslovakia to the Davis Cup title, it was a big deal with maybe a few cold war aspects. Their training was very disciplined, intelligent, ahead of its time.. I think the tennis community always appreciated the USA top players’ support (John McEnroe was especially dedicated as I recall, especially fondly remembering the 6 hour win over Mats Wilander who led his Swedish team to 7 consecutive finals in the 80’s.) The Bryan brothers certainly gave full support and I do not know anyone who begrudges their stopping at this stage in their illustrious career). I have no thoughts on how to revive the excitement but certainly miss the old days with the Aussie’s showing their skill and class in the showcase of tennis at that time.

    Winder, sad, but true. thanks. george

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