How To Live Longer/Better

There is NOTHING more important than your health.  That was reinforced for me over the last ten days, suffering from some strain of the 700 flu viruses floating around.  DeDe and I were housebound and did nothing else but sneeze, sleep and read; but have both now just turned the corner.

Related to your health, thanks to Brent Abel for the link to this article that reinforces what WE all believe… Exercise and sport will help you live a longer and healthier life.

Movement is medicine

According to the article in the World Economic Forum, “Physical activity sets off a cascade of ‘signals’ which, if repeated, improve the function of our body and brain, diminishing the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders, reducing anxiety and enhancing concentration and attention.

Movement is medicine. The benefits of physical activity far outweigh the possibility of adverse outcomes in almost every population, and increasing your levels of physical activity is one of the few interventions that has been demonstrated as beneficial across age-ranges, ethnic groups, and spectrums of physical ability.

Physical activity levels in our leisure time have remained relatively constant over the past few decades. However, sedentary activities at home, such as watching TV or consuming other media, coupled with technological advances in the workplace, mean that we spend a lot more time sitting over the course of an average week than we used to.

As our weekly minutes of physical activity decreases, risk of premature death significantly increases. There seems to be a dose-response association between total sitting time and the risk of dying from anything. In contrast, simply moving more, and moving more regularly, has a powerful influence on reducing the risk of disease, death and improving quality of life.”

Playing Senior Tennis

One of my favorite all time quotes, comes from George Bernard Shaw: “You don’t stop playing because you grow old.  You grow old because you stop playing.”

P.S. Next year I “move up” and will be playing in the 75s!  It is hard to believe.

Your thoughts on aging and sports???

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6 thoughts on “How To Live Longer/Better

  1. George, you are the role model for good health for the rest of us. In tennis you get to be younger every five years so be ready to be tough next year. Unfortunately some of your partners may not age up with you. I grew up playing tennis at Bartlett Park in St. Petersburg. It had a great atmosphere to play and often we played against adults. There was a sign above the water cooler that was amended for tennis to say “you don’t stop playing tennis because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing tennis”. I always thought that was the original verse.
    Keep up the good work……Lturville

    Larry, and this “health role model” doesn’t deal very well with NOT being just that! thanks, george

  2. George,
    Thank you and glad you and DeDe are feeling better.
    Keep up the good work!

    Phil, tks! george

  3. I’ve always believed that three things determine health and longevity – genetics, exercise and diet. We have no control over our genetics. For the other two – more exercise is better and for diet, less is better.
    Exercise is probably the most important thing over which we have control. Keeping weight down is essential in preventing type 2 diabetes, hypertension and an array of other disorders which can shorten our life span. Both exercise and diet come into play here with exercise being the more important of the two.
    Unfortunately, injury and illness can limit the amount and type of exercise we can do, but try to keep active every day in any way that the body allows.

    Doc, thanks… and as always, for your counsel. George

  4. “Your thoughts on aging and sports???” Honestly George, it’s all I ever think about it these days it seems, and I’m still a kid at 66!

  5. Just started playing Tennis at 67 with my husband who is 70….ordered your book and love the game. Would very much like to continue receiving your blog.

    Ann, Thanks! you are on the list! george

  6. My rowing instructor told us on Saturday that squats are something we should all be doing now, so we can get out of our chairs in our 80s!

    Beth, yes, your legs will carry you (or not) into later years. george

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