Sweep the Lines?

Great Tennis Form?

You ever play a match on soft courts where they had not swept the lines?  Some people think it is easier to make calls and others don’t like it.  At the fourth tournament this year, Sterling Oaks tried out a modified version.

ALSS – Abbreviated Line Sweeping System

According to Tournament Advisor, Larry Turville, “In order to speed up turnover time of courts and improve line calling (leaves better mark) the tournament will use, as in the past, the ALSS. This is where only the service and baselines are cleaned leaving the sidelines uncleaned.”

“The service & baselines are cleaned for depth perception but not needed on sidelines. In turn the ball makes much clearer mark when line is unswept.”

“This also saves valuable turnover time of courts when there is a full schedule of matches all day using 12 courts (saving approx. 3 minutes per court x 12 x 4 court turnovers = 148 minutes of line sweeping). Once you get used to it you’ll wonder why we don’t use it all the time (I know not as pretty).”

Did It Work?

A couple of years back, another tournament tried NOT sweeping the lines at all.  I found that difficult because of the lack of depth perception on groundstrokes.  But by sweeping both horizontal lines, this method corrected that problem – and DID make it easier to see a ball on the “dirty” lines.

What are your thoughts?

Great tennis form –  Why the picture of Genie Bouchard?  Better than a picture of some unswept tennis lines!  And here is a link (Thanks to Kevin Bryant) showing highlights of her photo shoot for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

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5 thoughts on “Sweep the Lines?

  1. George….
    I never got past Genie Bouchard & Kate Upton. What was the rest of the blog about??

    Dick: :-), george

  2. Hi George!

    I noticed that at the Sterling Oaks tournament. I am going to try it out at our club,
    USTA 8.0 matches and the SWFTT league for the rest of the season. I will let you know if the players like it and if it makes a difference. Ron

    Ron, look forward to hearing the feedback. thanks, george

  3. George, who cares about your stupid line sweeping question? Let’s get to the real important stuff.

    That is, there is this young guy, John Goehrke, who made a bet on Twitter with Genie Bouchard over who was going to win the Super Bowl. He is a Patriots fan (I know you will like that) and Genie is a Falcons fan (sorry to disappoint you). The bet was made in the middle of the game when it seemed like the Falcons were going to win. Anyway, she lost the bet and the prize, believe it or not, was a date with her.

    True to her word, she not only honored the bet by going out with him, but she flew him from Missouri to New York and secured tickets to an NBA game for the date. He apparently bought her some earrings from Tiffany’s in return. But the happy story does not end there. Apparently, they hit it off and Genie and John are reportedly now going on a second date!!

    All I can say is this young guy is one seriously lucky fellow. I hope he plays tennis.

    For the full story, see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/17/love-romance-blossoms-glamorous-tennis-star-eugenie-bouchard/.

    Marty, I wonder if he saw her SI video before or after their date! George

  4. Great picture, but I think it was a distraction from Alls . Worked well at Sterling Oaks and saved a lot of time sweeping lines and improved calls. No complaints either.

    Larry, no question… a real (nice) distraction. George

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