The Best Tournament?

The results of the survey following the first four west coast Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournaments provide interesting insight to the players’ feelings.

Many Thanks

First, Thanks from all the senior players to the tournament staffs, volunteers and professional officials for providing this great annual forum for us old guys to get together, compete, laugh and prolong our lives!

With that, here are the ratings and some comments indicative of the whole that were provided…

Colonial Country Club
Rating (1-10): 7.6
What did you like most and least?

  • Although Jeff did it all and the courts are limited, the tournament ran smoothly.
  • Must have a doubles consolation to be fair to “the customers”.
  • Excellent locker room

World Tennis Club
Rating (1-10): 9.4
What did you like most and least?

  • Best of the group.  Well organized.  Volunteers do a great job.  Plenty of courts. Timely play. Nice dinner.
  • Loved the T-shirts given out.
  • the note cards at tournament headquarters, spelling out what court and who the competitors were – is a GREAT SERVICE to interested spectators.
  • Always my favorite tournament, well organized with plenty of trained volunteers.

Sanchez-Casal (Naples Bath)
Rating (1-10): 5.7
What did you like most and least?

  • Great facility and desk ladies did an excellent job. But tournament director was nowhere to be found.
  • 8-game pro set not adequate tennis for consol matches.
  • The match scheduling and communication of times was terrible.
  • Nice meal at reasonable price for guest

Sterling Oaks Club
Rating (1-10): 7.9
What did you like most and least?

  • Since its a Cat II it gets great draws.  Not as well organized as WTC but well run for a tournament of this size.
  • Great site & volunteers. But with large number of players, have to use alternative sites and makes scheduling difficult and many matches started late into the day/evening.
  • Player party was well done and food was above average.

Thanks to all who took the time to respond.  Any other comments?

Willy Hoffmann Cancer Update

On Tuesday, good friend Willy underwent surgery for bladder cancer and he reports, “Surgery went well!! A small tumor at an early stage.  I will have another CT Scan Wednesday afternoon and we are coming home on Thursday — BUT no tennis for at least 4 weeks !! Thanks to all for your prayers and good wishes.”  Regards, Willy

The Meadows

This week’s tournament is at the Meadows in Sarasota.  I have the pleasure of again teaming with Hank Irvine (and are seeded #1).  For results to date and draws, click HERE.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Tournament?

  1. George, great info as usual. Did you send this information to all the clubs? Rhetorical question? You are way ahead of me I’m sure.

    Joe, the tournament directors got the full report! Thanks George

  2. Glad to hear Willy’s surgery went well. Prayers for a complete and uneventful recovery so he can get back on the tennis court.

    Larry Starr

  3. I do not know Willy but he certainly had a great singles tournament in the first of the Winter series events. Best of luck to him. The same determination that had him grind out those wins will be useful in the recovery, PT, and lifestyle decisions that help him heal up as well as possible.
    One aspect of each tournament that varies wildly is the posting of results as the tournament progresses. The Sterling Oaks tournament did not update results until the end of the day. I like checking results more in real time; even though not able to be there and participate, am still very interested in how the matches are progressing.
    Too much to ask?

    Winder: Willy defaulted the singles final to have his surgery, which was then postponed! I agree, faster result posting would be much better for us “results nerds.” thanks, george

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