Tournament Player Paralyzed

On November 6th, a veteran tournament player was rear-ended while sitting at a stop light on his three-wheel motorcycle… and his life changed forever.

Tom Cocagne, who I met and played against last January (see “Like Watching a Root Canal”), is another nice guy from Cincinnati. A lefty, a retriever, and a drop shot artist — and before his knee operation, was one of the top players in the MidWest — was rear ended while sitting at a stop light on his motorcycle. The car hit him from behind traveling 30-35 MPH, pushing him into the vehicle in front of him.

Massive Pile-up

Four cars total were involved, Tom was ejected from his bike, throwing him onto the vehicle in front of him, where he then bounced to the ground beside. All vehicles were damaged but Tom took the brunt of the initial hit; and could not move his arms or anything from his waist down.

Tom was transferred to UC ICU where the team began to evaluate his injuries: Concussion, gash in head, Broken Ribs, Spinal Injury, and a collapsed lung, all resulting in no feeling in his hands or anything from his rib cage down.

After 8 weeks at the Drake Rehabilitation in Cincinnati, OH, Tom is transferring to Frazier Rehabilitation in Louisville, KY, where he and his wife, Nancy, will set up temporary housing for the next 3 to 4 months.

Support Needed

According to the family, “While insurance has paid their portion, we now have all of the out of pocket cost to keep up with that continue to grow very fast, daily. There is a very long road ahead but it is a road that Tom and the family are ready to take on. Any help or support that anyone can offer or donate is greatly appreciated.”

This just reminds us, “Life is short”… enjoy it while you can.

To contribute through their Go Fund Me page, just click HERE.

Sterling Oaks

This is the finals weekend at the 4th tournament in the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series. For the results and today’s match times, click HERE.

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  1. As a tennis lover and motorcycle enthusiast, there but for fortune….. I chipped in what I could and posted the cause to my Facebook. Thanks George for passing the word.

    Paul, thanks! george

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