No More 8-Games?

Rick, Barry, Tammy, Chuck, me
Thanks to all of you who voiced your opinions on the subject of having an 8-game pro set as a consol match, there is change coming!

Sterling Oaks Update

Larry Turville and the TD shared that they are responding to your concerns and the new format for next week will be: Consolation Scoring: (Singles & Doubles) – 2 sets and match Tie Break for 3rd until finals. Finals – full 2 out of 3 sets. Players must sign up for consolation on site to be entered.

Thanks to them for listening and adapting!

My 8-Games (or not)

On Thursday, Chuck Kinyon and I played our semi-final 70s doubles consolation match and agreed to “follow the rules” and played just that short 8-game pro set. We bested Ted Underwood and Joe Ryan 8-3.

That night, I strongly lobbied with the Sanchez-Casal (Nables Bath) tournament director to allow us, for the finals on Friday, to at least play two sets and a Match Tiebreaker. And he finally agreed (“If all the players agree. And if there are courts available.”).

Today’s Finals

So we took to the courts today vs. the solid team of Rick Wright (World Tennis) and Barry Ammons (Toledo, OH) to play the fuller match.

Funny thing… we won the first set 6-1 and the first two games of the second set; so WOULD HAVE won an 8-gamer 8-1. But then….. they broke our serve, held theirs, and broke our serve again; for a 3-2 lead in the second set.

Luckily, we were able to avoid the embarrassment of that turn-around and pulled out a closer-than-it-sounds 6-1, 6-4 victory. But that turn-around shows the value of allowing players to play “a real match” and not just an 8-gamer.

For all the results from singles and doubles, click HERE.

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3 thoughts on “No More 8-Games?

  1. Cool that yer blog is there to get some heavy lifting done. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    KB, thanks. george

  2. Thanks George. Us fill-ins can now play tennis too. Marathon Man.

    John, yeah, as if you don’t get enough tennis! thanks, george

  3. It was such a pleasure working for you all this week at Sanchez!
    Thanks! Tami

    Tami, at least we made your week “interesting”! Thanks to you. George

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