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With Larry Back
With one tournament completed last week, the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series is now well underway. There are some different sign-up deadlines to be aware of; so here is an update on the series…

Colonial CC

There were some expected results (i.e. Fred Drilling and others) and there were some surprises, like Willy Hoffmann busting through in 65 singles and unseeded Larry Back busting the brackets in 70 singles. For the full results, click HERE

World Tennis Club

Being unseeded again, I feared I might face some tough seeded player in the first round like Don Long, Evert Jonsson, or Peter Peczley … but I only had to face the unseeded Larry Back, who JUST BEAT ALL THREE of them last week to win Colonial!

Since I knew that I could not out-rally him from the baseline, my plan was to ATTACK and see what happened. Well, it is tough to attack when every ball is deep into your backhand corner or expertly dropped just over the net. The score was love and love… but I (truly) said to myself while being trounced, “It is a beautiful SW Florida day. I am 73 years old and still out here playing some pretty good singles.”

This afternoon, I team with Joe McAleer in doubles for the first time. So for full draws and results to date, click here.


Next week’s third tournament is at the Sanchez-Casal facility (aka Naples Bath & Tennis), where I will be playing doubles only and re-teaming with good friend Chuck Kinyon. The sign-up deadline is TODAY at midnight. Click HERE for the tournament site.

Sterling Oaks CAT II Tournament Deadline

For the fourth area tournament, Larry Turville points out: “the deadline of Sterling Oaks is this Friday at midnight. We have moved it up a couple days to try to get seeding and draws done earlier. So everyone should register soon.” Click HERE

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2 thoughts on “Tournament Updates

  1. George:

    Isn’t there some old adage in tennis along the lines of, “No matter how good you are (or think you are), there is always somebody better?” It sounds like Larry Back just proved this again.

    It kind of reminds me of years ago when I was in my late 20s and I was the #2 seed (a rarity) in a local tournament in NJ. I checked the draw and figured I was a shoe in for the finals. And if the seeds held up I thought I had a good chance to win the whole thing because I had beaten the #1 seed the last two times we played. Still it was a big tournament with many players I did not know so I was trying not to be overly confident.

    Sure enough I got to the finals, where instead of facing the #1 seed I was staring across the net against a guy that I had never heard of. He said his name was Ali Kahn, and he had recently moved to the US from Pakistan. He also said he was new to tennis, having only played the game a few months, that his major sport in Pakistan, aside from cricket, was ping pong, but that he had also played squash a few times. I secretly figured I had this one on the bag. What could possibly go wrong? The guy wasn’t even a tennis player.

    55 minutes later, thoroughly exhausted, I walked off the court after having been trashed 1 and 0 by this guy who was new to tennis. I never saw such a litany of weird shots, with all sorts of bizarre spin and crazy angles. Plus he never missed. I don’t know if I was more shell shocked than embarrassed.

    Afterward I talked with Mr. Kahn and found out a few more details, including that 1) he had been Pakistan’s national champ in table tennis several times in his early 20s, and 2) he was a family member of the famous Kahn dynasty of world champs in squash who, I think, are still an international presence in that sport today. That is when I think someone first told me the adage quoted above.

    Marty, i have been “surprised” too many times! thanks, george

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