Tournaments Start!

Rick Crootoff pic from Longboat
Rick Crootoff pic from Longboat
Next week starts the fantastic Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series of tournaments. They start with Colonial Country Club in Ft. Myers on Monday and then move to Naples for three in a row.

Since I am planning on playing six consecutive weeks (six consecutive tournaments), caution says to pace oneself; so I will not be trying to play both singles and doubles in all of the events.

Scouting Information?

Next week is singles-only for me (Chuck Kinyon is teaming with Don Long as the #2 seeds in the 70s). There are 34 players signed up for the 70s singles (!), with eight seeds given out. Since six of the eight have actually beaten me in tournament play, I am not surprised to be unseeded.

So my first round match on Tuesday is vs. a player who appears to be just “moving up” from the 65s, Jim Feely from Washington, DC. I do not know of him (altho his tournament record looks pretty strong); so any scouting information would be much appreciated.

Local Flavor

Looking at the seeded teams in doubles, there is a distinct “local flavor” to the players. Most of these are from SW Florida:

Men’s 65 Doubles
1. Dalphon, George/ Wilkie, Bob

2. Owler, John/ Wendt, David

Men’s 70 Doubles
1. Irvine, Hank/ Jonsson, Evert

2. Kinyon, Chuck/ Long, Donald

Men’s 75 Doubles
1. Drilling, Fred/ Kileff, Clive

2. Davie, Matthew/ Valentine, Richard

3. Diehl, Thomas/ Moter, John

For all the seeds and draws at Colonial, click HERE

World Tennis Club Deadline

For the second tournament, Entries Close: Monday, January 09, 2017 4:00 PM

For that link, click HERE

Hope to see some of you over the next six weeks!

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  1. George , I heard your opponent had a topspin like Rafa , backhand like Federer , serve like Sam Groth, moves similar to Andy Murray . Lol

    OhioJack, should be an easy match then! George

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