Making too FEW Errors?

With Chuck, Dick V, and Matt D
With Chuck, Dick V, and Matt D
Is there anything wrong with making very few unforced errors and almost never double faulting? The answer is YES.

Senior Exhibitionists

On Friday evening, Chuck Kinyon and I teamed up for a nice senior doubles exhibition match at his Huntington Lakes tennis courts vs. Florida’s #2 75-year-old duo of Dick Valentine and Matt Davie.

We had talked about playing an “orchestrated” exo, splitting two close sets and then playing a deciding ten-point match tiebreaker. But we decided to play it straight and have a real match. We did … and ended up “splitting two close sets and then playing a deciding ten-point match tiebreaker,” which Chuck and I won.

Playing Too Well Can Hurt

All four of us played very well (in front of a nice, friendly crowd, with great chair umpiring by Rick Barletta); and if my memory is accurate, I made just two unforced errors in the first set (5-7), just one unforced error in the second set (6-3), and none in the 10-6 tiebreaker.

What’s wrong with that? Saturday morning, I teamed with Willy Hoffmann for some Pelican Bay doubles and told him those results. He said, “Let’s hope you can continue your good play.”

With Willy
With Willy

So I played the start of the match trying “not to miss,” which meant there was less sting and less placement on my shots. It’s like really concentrating on NOT double faulting and ending up hitting wimpy second serves.

Hit Out

I again made only two errors in our first set; but told Willy I was going to stop that and go for more on my shots. I did and hit much more penetrating shots (and made ZERO errors!).

The lesson? Go for your shots… go for more on your second serve… and accept that you will sometimes miss.

Your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Making too FEW Errors?

  1. Sounds like you just don’t know how good you *are*! 🙂

    Kevin, anyone can make minimal errors if they just poof the ball back! Thanks, george

  2. Heard after a tournament years back when a guy who just got double bagled by the #1 seed was explaining his loss to his wife: “Well, at least I had no unforced errors.”

    Marty, that is what I said when Jimmy a Parker beat me 6-2;6-1! George

  3. In my 60 years experience as a C player, it’s not so much whether or not you go for your shots but when to do so, eg if you have broken your opponent’s opening service, or you’re 5-2 up or 5-2 down then yes definitely go for it, but if you’re receiving at 5-4 down then definitely not unless you’re lucky enough to get to 0-40 ! It’s a fine line, mostly about percentages. All too often it isn’t the winners which win matches but the unforced errors which lose them !
    Happy Holidays George – keep at it !

    Howard, spoken like a man who has won more 20-shot rallies than anyone! thanks, george

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