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  1. Hey, Joe! Do you still carry your chess set with you to tournaments? If I remember right we played a game or two several years ago at the Sanchez event in Naples.
    Sorry to hear about your malady and although I had never heard of it I have researched it a bit and given the symptoms I’m now curious as to whether a new therapy I recently discovered might help you. It’s called “cryotherapy” and a farrier friend of mine who was about to quit his profession due to extensive pain in his back, shoulders and knees. It was recommended that he try it and feels it has been a “miracle cure”. According to him he goes for a treatment about every two weeks and although from what I learned it can take a treatment or two ($25 cost per) he had immediate results after the very first. Here is something I copied from a website and below it I’ll copy the URL. (You’ll likely need to copy and paste it or you could just google cryotherapy).
    “History of Whole-Body Cryotherapy

    “This technique was first developed in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatic diseases, where it was designed and incorporated as a dynamic treatment for pain and inflammation correlated with a multitude of chronic conditions. Over the course of three decades it rapidly advanced to Europe and other countries as it became renowned for its extensive spectrum of benefits. It is now becoming widely popular throughout the United States and is endorsed by many professional sports teams, athletes, and celebrities.”
    I have yet to try it but if I have a recurrence of a pain that occasionally develops in the sciatica area and down my leg after playing I may do so. There are several cryotherapy locations within 15-20 minutes of my home — something that kind of amazed me. Don’t know if it would be a cure but maybe a reduction of the painful symptoms you’re experiencing.
    Hope you get well soon. Tennis needs good guys like you at the Seniors Tournaments.

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