Just Three Games

Chuck, Evert, Hank, me
Chuck, Evert, Hank, me
Tennis matches rarely swing on one or two points; but they frequently can turn on micro-momentum swings in a couple of games. That is what happened in our semi-final doubles match yesterday.

Chuck and I were playing the very solid #2 seeded team of Hank Irvine (former touring pro) and his strong partner of Evert Jonsson. After opening with four consecutive service breaks, we finally held Chuck’s serve and started taking control of the set.

We were dominating most of the games (0-30, etc), but Hank and Evert were making great shots to survive. The first set went to a tiebreaker, which they won.

Second Set

We regrouped and again took control at the start of the second set, with Evert serving down 0-2 break point; but they were able to hold. We maintained that one break lead and were serving at 4-3 when the micro-momentum swing happened.

In the blink of an eye, they broke us… held serve… and broke us for their two-hour 7-6, 6-4 victory. What happened? Our quality of play went down a notch and their experience took them up a notch… and that is all it took.

That happen to you?

Lucky Loser Rule??

There has been nothing but positive feedback for my proposed rule that would allow someone to win a tournament match, default (for injury, plane to catch, etc) and allow the “lucky loser” to move forward in his place.

Fred Drilling would have been that Lucky Loser yesterday… the “tournament sleeper,” Ken Fugate, who beat Fred in three sets on Friday, dropped out with a sore knee, leaving Jimmy Parker with no singles match to play + Fred hanging around (waiting to play doubles with Parker as his partner). They would have loved to play a singles match that the crowd would have loved to see.

Know anyone in the USTA? See what they think about this concept.

Well-Run Tournament

Congratulations to George Bachman and his crew of enthusiastic volunteers for managing a well-run tournament. They were all pleasant and effective in herding 284 finnicky, senior tennis players to the right court at the right time.

And one of the things i like… in lieu of a sit-down dinner, Longboat Key has lunch, snacks, and drinks everyday for the players. All tournaments should consider this.

for all the results, click HERE

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8 thoughts on “Just Three Games

  1. Happens all the time George! Big “MO” swings from one side to another often several times during a match. It’s a wonderful thing when it’s going in your direction for sure!

    Jim, and frustrating when it is not. thanks, george

  2. Here’s a big “second” to the well run tournament and lunch and snacks versus dinners/parties.


  3. well done, george, coach and you must be playing very well together. now you know you are right there with those guys, and so much of competing (as you know) is about confidence. that match has to help. IMO.

    Jomac, yes, so much of winning (and losing) is between the ears! thanks, george

  4. FYI, thanks to a Jack Moter contact, the USTA will be considering the “Lucky Loser” rule change! george

  5. Great seeing you this year at the Longboat Key Senior Clay Courts Super CAT II!!
    We will share your comments.

    The Desk !!!

  6. Rick Parker and I (Dave Townsend) had the exact same experience also against Hank and Mr. Jonsson. We won the first set 6-1, were up 2-0 and lost the second set and tiebreaker. Hank kindly took me aside after the match and told me he made us start to “think” and it was all over. When the Master speaks, I listen.

    Dave, yup, hard to overcome their years of tournament experience. thanks, george

  7. George – Yes, I agree with your thought that the snacks every day were terrific – they always have been at the Longboat Keys tournmanet!

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