Longboat Key Singles

with Ken Campbell
with Ken Campbell
This week is the first-of-the-season senior CAT II tournament at Longboat Key, Florida. And today was the first round of singles play.

Two No-Seeds Play

Even though I did not get one of the SIXTEEN singles 70s seeds, I played a strong player – who also did not get a seed. Ken Campbell is a very solid lefty, who was a big time basketball player and varsity tennis at ken-campbell-bballVanderbilt University in his younger days (played with Naples friend George Morton!).

He started serving and took the first three games… and I was down 0-30 when I finally figured something out. As is normal, I had focused on hitting my topspin forehand crosscourt to his lefty backhand; but he didn’t miss anything. So I tried playing to his forehand… and he actually made some mistakes. So the first set score was 6-3.

Second Set

While I won some points off forehand errors, his overall defensive strength was stronger than my offensive game…. And he took the second set by the same score. He will play the #9 seeded Dave Huff tomorrow; and the winner will get Mr. Drilling.

Silver Lining

While I did make some forehand errors, they were on strong, offensive shots. And I was really pleased by the number of backhand winners I was able to hit. A summerfull of practice pays off!

For all the first day results, please click HERE.

Tomorrow will be a day off, then Chuck and I will start our doubles on Thursday.

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  1. Hi George, I forgot to comment about the ringing cellphone. Well I played a tournament 2 years ago and we were in the 2nd set when I heard a cell phone ringing, it was my opponents phone, he walked off the court to the bench and answered it, I must have waited over 5 minutes for him to get off the phone and start playing tennis again. I mentioned it to him that it was against the rules and he replied “i can’t help it, I have a business to run” well I ended up losing that set and had to play a third set in which I won. Bob Fougere

    Bob, Wrong! george

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