How They Make Tennis Balls

making tennis ballsYou would think this was a totally automated process; but check out this link (Thanks to my son Jeremy) to see the process.

It is amazing how much “human intervention” is involved all along the way.

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5 thoughts on “How They Make Tennis Balls

  1. I can buy Penn tennis balls at Costco for $1.87 a can. How is that possible?

    Dave, if you pay each worker 5 cents, it works out ok! george

  2. Good stuff, looks like we have China to thank for our tennis balls. Be tough to do that every day.

  3. In 1962 I was paying between $1.80 and $2.20 per can. Fast forward 44 years and balls can still be purchased at that same price. Amazing.

  4. I opened a can of Penn’s last week that contained two 1’s and a 4. Guess there was a trainee on the line.

    Terry, and why cant they have numbers up to #9?? george

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