Tennis Quiz Answer

Rick Barletta
Rick Barletta
For those who were interested, the question was: How many consecutive POINTS can a player lose in a five set match and still end up winning?

The Answer: 76

Savannah’s Kevin Bryant was the first to figure the correct answer + congrats to the others who also noodled it out. Here is how it could go…

Player A is leading 5-0, 40-love when he goes in the tank. Player B wins that game (needing FIVE consecutive points), then wins that set 7-5 (six more love games = 24 more points).

Player B then wins the second set at love, without losing a point (24 more points); and is leading 5-0, 40-love in the third set (23 more points), when Player A turns it around to take that set and the fifth set. 5+24+24+23 = 76.

Thanks to Naples buddy Rick Barletta for this National Public Radio quiz.

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