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Gstaad, Switzerland
Gstaad, Switzerland
We all love to play tennis and many love to travel. What are some of the best places to combine both? (Plus a puzzling tennis quiz at the end).

Paul Mabry writes: “I’m planning a trip to Angel Fire, NM this summer, a tennis buddy from my club has a condo there. Its altitude is 10,000 feet and so daytime temperatures rarely get above the 70s.

He assures me there are 40-50 seniors on the tennis courts daily. I would be interested if you could poll your readers for good places a senior tennis lover on vacation might be able to find some people to play with in interesting locations.”

Roy Emerson’s Gstaad Camp

Several lucky friends of mine have made the trip to Gstaad, Switzerland to participate in Roy Emerson’s week-long tennis and five-star hotel experience. They say it is well worth the time and the money. I have never had the pleasure of the experience.

Any other recommendations for Paul (and others)??

Tennis Quiz

How many consecutive POINTS can a player lose in a five set match and still end up winning? The answer to come next time (if you heard this on NPR, as did good friend Rick Barletta did, hold your response).

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15 thoughts on “Tennis Vacation Locations

  1. From a good friend in Cincy, “I know of as great tennis vaction spot in New Braunfels , Texas . Best time to go is October 16 – 21 , 2016 and March 2 – 5 , 2017 . I’ll be there to welcome everyone . “

  2. Hi George,

    44 points.

    P.S. Hope you’re feeling better!

    Please let me know when you’ll be passing through Connecticut and we’ll get together. Eric U. and Jim W. send their best, as do I.


  3. 71. That’s losing two sets without winning a single point, plus losing the first five games in the third set without winning a single point, plus going down 40 – love (or love – 40) in the sixth game of the third set, before turning things around and winning the match.

  4. Amelia island Plantation
    Approx 30 minutes above Jacksonville!
    Beatiful resort, great location and excellent tennis. Near Fernandina beach, a small quaint fishing village.

  5. George this comment is late but pertains to the tennis balls blog. It sounds logical but can you really see a difference? I got a couple of cans of hard court balls for xmas. I held them for a while and then decided to use them. No one in our group could see any difference in the way they played. Of course we played on soft courts and no fluffing occurred. Perhaps if college players with lots of topspin were playing the balls may have played differently. I suggest to you if the color of the lettering was the same as regular duty no difference would be noticed from seniors.

    Phil, maybe it is like drinking “what you believe” is expensive wine and it tastes better! george

  6. I have had the great pleasure to have experienced both places – New Braunfels, TX and Gstaad Switzerland. Both are unique in their own way and are great experiences. The one common thread in both is that the great Aussie Tennis Legend is at both of them! I highly recommend both places to anyone who loves tennis and loves to have fun at the same time!


  7. My website,, allows you to search for precisely what you need in the way of a tennis resort holiday or tennis camp. I am the former travel and resorts editor of Tennis magazine with more than 30 years of covering tennis travel. I’ll be in Austria and Spain later this month doing more on-site research.

  8. George, the ITF has literally dozens of senior tournaments all over the world every month. These are usually well run tournaments with a social aspect to most of them. I just had a great time at Juan Carlos Ferrero’s academy in Villena Spain…… I didn’t play all that well, but still had a great time and met some nice people and made some good connections. (And got to meet JC FERRERO !)

  9. Ok, let’s say I squeak out the first two sets some way and then my opponent looses their fight and I take a 5/0 lead in the third and jump out to a 40-0 lead in “the last game.” My opponent now hits 5 winners in a row because the pressure is gone as he can’t win from this far behind. He then wins the next six games without the loss of a point to win the set 7/5 (29 points). He is golden in set 4 and therefore wins 24 straight points for 53 in a row. It gets worse as he goes up 5/0 40-0 and has won another 23 in a row for 76 points I have lost in a row. Now the tables turn as I loosen up as he tightens up and I take this game from triple match point down and pull this back to 5/5 in the fifth and finally take the match. Wow, I just won while losing 76 poling in a row!

    Now, is this correct?

  10. Shameless plug with the first listing, but being in the business here a few resorts that are wonderful tennis destinations and a strong senior tennis presence. Resorts that have “older” Peter Burwash instructors are great choices if you are looking to improve your game from a “vacation lesson” in my opinion..

    Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, Tucson AZ (not peter burwash)
    Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel Valley CA
    Caneel Bay, St John US V.I
    Little Dix bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

    Happy travels 🙂

    Marc, i was waiting for your reply! george

  11. From Daniel Nabedrick, ….

    We have 30-40 players or more daily on our courts from January- March.
    March being the peak with 2 weeks of BNP Professional Tournament at Indian Wells taking place the 2nd and 3rd weeks of March.

    Weather in March in Palm Springs/desert is unbeatable- guaranteed sunshine and 80-90 degrees every day.

    We have 13 hard courts, plus stadium court (14 total)
    I am the director/owner and operator of the PDTC at PDRCC- we have a 12 year lease with Golf Club to own and operate the courts to the public and 1000 homeowners in the property. Guests can rent on VRBO over 200 units at PDRCC .
    It is a great all in one vacation, location and $60 rounds of golf at our facility and near by too.
    We are 3.4 miles from Indian Wells Tennis Gardens too- where BNP Paribas Open is held.

    We run a 1 hour clinic and 3 hour on court game arranging match play sessions with our professionals on the court organizing and playing in with our staff as needed.

    I personally direct the clinc and on court match play daily mixer program 7 days a week with our
    Assistant Director of Tennis Peg Kelly.
    We also have
    Senior Head Pro /Adult Advanced Player Coordinator- Certified USPTA Player- Sasha Chuchkovich,
    Head Pro/ Adult Intermediate Player Coordinator-Certified USPTA Head Pro Elite Level- Roy Cosio
    Head Pro/ Adult Development Player Coordinator- Certified USPTA Head Pro Carol Menefee

    All available for private, group lessons and weekly clinic drills that they do for members and guests open to the public.
    We also have usage of 2 ball machines free when you are participating in our program for the week or months as well.
    We also do have a strong junior lesson program available as well for grand children too.Feel free to call or email with more questions.

    see you on the courts,

    Daniel Nabedrick,
    General Manager & Director of Tennis

    Cell: 612-730-8280
    Twin Cities Office: 612-600-2460
    Palm Desert Office: 760-851-1922

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