Federer or Trump?

trumpWho has a better chance of winning another “Major” … Roger Federer or Donald Trump? I think the odds are 50-50 for each. Putting politics aside, what does the future for professional tennis hold?

• Will Federer win another Major in his lifetime? Which surface?
• Will Rafa Nadal? Which surface?
• If not one of those two, who in the next year or two will stop Djokovic from sweeping them all?
• Will Serena win another major? Which surface?
• Who will replace her as the world’s best female player?
• Which young American has the best shot to be in the Top 5?

As I said at the start, I think Roger is 50-50 (grass) … Rafa is done … Andy Murray might take one away from Djokovic (and watch the young Austrian Thiem) … Serena is less than a 50-50 to win another; and Azarenka will take the lead. And watch out for Frances Tiafoe (17) and Taylor Fritz (18),

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Federer or Trump?

  1. I like the idea of a Federer/Trump ticket, if only Roger were a citizen…

    Jim, Fed would get my vote! thanks, george

  2. To put a class act, gentleman like Roger in the same sentence with an embarrassment to our country, the world and humanity like tRump is enough to make me desire a special trip to to California so I can do what other people are doing to tRump’s star on the Walk of Fame. If you don’t know what I’m writing about here, well then in the famous words of one of my friends when I ask a question to which neither of us knows the answer…Google it.

  3. Sorry George, Bernie is pretty much on point. ( So is the Bern, ever hear him ? ) Trump uses people. Where I live he sold units in Trump Tower in Baja , Calif. When it went bellies in 2008 , he walked away, saying, ” They could have lost a lot more. “. But no one can sue because he has the fine print so well organized. I guess you are really not a fan but are desperately hoping the Dems don’t stay in. You need not worry. The GOP has proven to be much worse wasting money — Reagan. And both Bushes ( and Arnold in CA ) compared to the Clintons. Mainly remember this : Blaming Muslims is like blaming Christians for KKK or Nazi terrorism. Total Nonsense. Even President Bush ( W ) said repeatedly after 911 to not blame Islam for the attacks. Blaming Mexicans is even worse . Roger is way too good a guy to compare to this scam artist and last of the Birthers. The economy is coming back. See how the draws are bigger. But be patient. The greedy guys are not patient, and are the Bad Guys. Not the Dems these days. Thanks and see you on the courts.

    Bob, that is why our country is so great… people can (or should be allowed to) express opposite views and be heard. Notice, i did not edit a word of your beliefs. thanks, george

  4. We sure do have a great country. Amen to that ! Thank you a dozen times for your work/fun here. Always worth reading and trying to think up something unstupid to say. It made me stop there. It did not like that last word. But it was the right word, in my mind. Besides Kris Kristofferson used it in a song. Ironically the song title is, The Silver Tongued Devil and I . Donald Trump sure fits that description. I heard him at a rally for 37 minutes and he was really great, almost hypnotizing. Amazing. But nary a word of truth or any sense during the whole time. Thanks again George. Rooting for you and Fred !

  5. George, I prefer Mix Doubles instead of mixing tennis with politics. Oops! you know who gets the blame when you lose.

    Emilio, YOU! thanks, george

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