Key Points from Key Biscayne

From my fourth row seat
From my fourth row seat
Yesterday was a very full day watching the pros play at the Miami Open at Key Biscayne; and here are some observations…

Grand Grandstand – Although my bus trip ride came with a ticket to the main stadium, I spent the afternoon sitting in the FOURTH ROW behind the baseline (next to the TV cameraman). What an incredibly great position to see the amazing speed and stroke production of the pros.

Alex Dolgopolov’s Two Shots – The first match was Kei Neishikori vs. the erratic Ukrainian, who has just two kinds of shots: Great and terrible. Terrible prevailed this time and he lost 2 and 2

International Audience – For the fan base “English is a second language.” More people from somewhere else than native born.

Serena’s “Fans” – When the word spread in the Grandstand that Serena had been upset in three sets by Kuznetsova, the feeling was, “Oh, too bad (with sarcasm dripping).

Garbine Muguruza’s Future – The young Spaniard not only looks good; but plays good. Even though she lost in two tiebreakers to Azarenka (whose shrieking is LESS offensive live than it is on TV), she has a great forehand and will eventually be top five in the world.

Sitting Stamina – Even I cannot believe what I did … Arrived and grabbed my great fourth row seat at 10:30 am (half hour before the first match); and didn’t leave that location (for anything!) for over SEVEN HOURS until walking to the bus to go home just before 6 p.m.

Take the bus; and leave the driving to us – I usually had driven the 2+ hours to Miami with some friends; but this year I went with the group bus from Pelican Bay. Much easier! Luis and Thom did a great job gathering up and transporting all the people and I could drink beer and read on the way home.

Have you been over to Miami?

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3 thoughts on “Key Points from Key Biscayne

  1. I thought Muguruza was already top five.

    spike, you are right! she is now #3. Ok, next goal: win a major. thanks, george

  2. Hi George! I always suggest to people to try and sit behind (and higher up is better too) the court when watching the pros (or scouting any player). As you said, you get a much better feel for the speed, angles and most important, the height over the net, and DEPTH that these players achieve. When there seems to be little difference in “skill level” between players, other than consistency, watch for the player who consistently hits deep and is able to push the other guy/gal around! The new technology on TV that shows where the players hit the ball, demonstrates this concept.
    I enjoy your discussions – and I always ask my opponents to “please announce the score!”

    Mark, good to hear from you! Yes, depth is key. You can see what happens on the shot after the ball lands mid-court and that dictates who wins the point.
    thanks, george.

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