The Tarantino Ten

Rich T at camp
Rich T at camp
Do you want to improve your stamina at the end of a tennis match? My good friend (from Connecticut, Naples, and Newk Camp) Rich Tarantino recommends working hard at the end of your practice sessions and matches.

Rich feels that you want to push yourself at the end of play to build up your conditioning for “when it really counts.” So if you are practicing with a friend – or playing a friendly match – recognize that you have 10-15 minutes left in your time on the court and make an overt effort to stay on the balls of your feet and try to run down every shot you can.

Be Careful

But also be careful NOT to push yourself to the point of injury. If you feel something in one of your key muscle groups, that is not the time to push harder; because that could cause a minor injury to become a major one.

But if all feels good – even though you may be feeling somewhat fatigued – pushing yourself is a rewarding experience unto itself (and makes that after-match beer taste even better!).

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “The Tarantino Ten

  1. I agree with Rich entirely. The time to stress the body is toward the end of a workout when the muscles are fully warmed and stretched. I also agree that one should listen to the body and if there are symptoms of stress (pain, fatigue) then the activity should be discontinued.

    Dr. Fenster, good to have the return of your comments. Thanks. George

  2. There is no question that the way to improve fitness is to train at your maximum effort for short periods of time. This intensity produces significant results including the buildup of mitochondria that are so important in creating stamina and endurance. If you never push to system to close to its limits, you will never achieve ultimate fitness. In addition, it teaches your body how to deal with fatigue (medical term is lactate threshold). Good work Dick (I can attest to Dick’s stamina in a match a number of years where he out endured me)!

    Larry, (Newk Camp and former Cincy Reds professional trainer) you are pretty good yourself! george

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