More Strange Rules…

punchTwo more strange USTA rules/policies to ponder involve who qualifies to play in the consolation bracket and how you sign up your doubles partner.

Consolation Bracket

At the World Tennis tournament, the situation came up that got a player upset because he got knocked out in the first match he played; but was not allowed to enter the consolation. That was because he had a first round match that he won by default … and according to the USTA, that counts as a match.

On the other hand, had he had a first round bye and then lost his match, he WOULD qualify for the consolation. Fair? I think not.

Signing Up Your Doubles Partner

Another situation at the same tournament involved someone who signed up for doubles and entered his partner’s name and USTA number. But because his partner did not sign up (and pay) on his own, when it came time for the tournament, they were not officially registered.

Had the first player paid for his partner, all would have been cool. Is that fair? Couldn’t the money be collected at the desk?

What do you think about these two policies??


At the Naples Bath tournament this week, my round of 16 singles match was given to me by Walkover… Patrick Stone of Tallahassee tore a shoulder muscle and defaulted just before the match. And with no 70s doubles scheduled for that day (strange, because the forecast is for rain on Friday), I had the day “off” and just hit some with Chuck Kinyon and Ted Underwood.

Today is “Double Evert Day”… quarter finals singles match vs. the #3 seeded Evert Jonsson in the morning and re-match doubles vs. #2 seeded Evert and Hank Irvine in the afternoon.

For all other results of matches played and today’s pairings, please click HERE.

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7 thoughts on “More Strange Rules…

  1. Have never seen before a default count as a win to disqualify for 1st round loser consolation – seems like a TD overrule is appropriate.
    On doubles entry, paying in advance is reasonable requirement – no pay, not entered.
    To have a frivolous entry create default worse than requirement to follow thru with proper registration.
    Good luck on “double Evert” day – you know he will not lose the match, you have to beat him.

    Winder – thanks. george

  2. I thought that you were guaranteed two matches in these tournaments. How can you count a default as a match?
    I think they should make it very clear on doubles entry form that unless total entry fee is paid you will not be entered in the tournament.

    Dave – i agree on both. How is your hamstring today? george

  3. If a player has a history of signing up, not paying and waiting to see his bracket and then withdrawing if they have a bad draw, then there is every reason to not allow the sign up and pay at the desk. It seems it is depending on the situation and history.

    Bill, yes, there are those people who look at the draw and make decisions! Thanks, George

  4. Not sure who made the ruling , but player should have been put in if possible. The problem is the conso draw is already made from second round’s matches and may not have a place to put in a third round loss of a player who received a default. If there is some kind of bye or default then player should be put in which is often the case.
    It is up to the players to pay their entry to enter. Unless one player calls in a makes special arrangement, why do we give special consideration to someone who just doesn’t want to pay their entry fee or skip the $3 USTA fee.

  5. I’ve never before heard of a 1st round win by default, barring a player who loses his first on court match from going into the consolation event. This goes against common sense and is short sighted and unfair on the part of whoever was running the consolation tournament!

    To be clear, these were not decisions made by the tournament, but by the USTA and their officials. George

  6. George, you left out part of the doubles story. The partner who entered got a message from the USTA congratulating him on being entered and giving him a confirmation number for his entry in the doubles draw. No mention his partner needed to pay first. Why he thought it unnecessary.

    Rick, right, what we have here is a “failure to communicate.” Thanks, George

  7. I want to point out that I called the player who had entered properly but who had no apparent partner. It was 9 PM on Tuesday night and the draws needed to be posted. I got no answer and was forced to withdraw the player. He later told me that he frequently does not answer his phone.
    We actually were able to clear up a number of registration errors by making calls.
    The doubles registration process needs to be more clearly explained on tennis link.

    Bill, i think there are several good arguments on the side of NOT registering the non-paying partner not to worry about it. the WTC tournament was still tops in my view! thanks, george.

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