Could that be right??

Hank Irvine
Hank Irvine
We got rained on and rained out today for our semi-finals doubles match, which added to a growing list of tournament-related questions that stand somewhat un-answered.

Mandatory wait time between singles and doubles matches?
There were several players finishing their singles matches and getting ready for their doubles (our opponents Hank Irvine and Evert Jonsson being two of them). Most were ready and willing to do a quick change of clothes and move onto their doubles, if there was a court available. But one of the referees stated there was a USTA requirement of MANDATORY one hour space in between.

We didn’t follow that “rule,” but is it true?

Match priority for rain outs?
After we started our match (with Evert serving down 1-2, 30-40), the rains came and made the courts unplayable for the rest of the day. The tournament director announced play was suspended for the day to resume Friday morning at 11:30 am, with the suspended matches going on first.

Hank Irvine said that he was scheduled to play his semi-final singles match (vs. his partner Evert) then… and singles should take precedence over doubles. The TD acquiesced – which is OK with us: let the two of them beat each other up and THEN play Ted and me in doubles.

But is that interpretation correct?

Keep the game score and balls or start a new game with new balls?
So, when we resume tomorrow, is Evert serving ad-out to me or do we have to give up that advantage and have him start a new game?

And do we use the same balls (which I have) or get a new can?

Comments are welcome

There were several excellent singles and doubles matches completed. One of which was Fred Drilling showing me how to defeat my yesterday singles opponent, which he did 6-2, 6-3 by hitting deep to the corners and coming to the net. (I knew WHAT to do, the problem was doing it!)

And Steve Shreiner and Bob Wilkie knocked off the #1 65s seeds George Dalphon and Dave Wendt 6-1, 6-4.

Full results and tomorrow’s scheduled matches are HERE.

Congrats to George Morton for his induction into the USTA Missouri Valley Tennis Hall of Fame!

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6 thoughts on “Could that be right??

  1. Interesting that when I left the decision was to finish the matches on the court (yours) and then the singles play. Did they hold to that decision? I believe you will use the same balls and begin at 30-40. Of course if the balls got to wet, you may request new balls during the warm up and begin the match with those….

    Chuck, no, they are starting with the singles. George

  2. I agree on George’s induction, nice guy, nice player.
    The 1 hour is not mandatory but must be given if the player wants the time.
    same score down to the game score but new balls I believe are in order if both teams agree because of the rain.

    Bill, thanks. And, you are missed down here! George

  3. thanks George I am fighting back- hope to play in ASI in Atlanta. Possible back surgery. The shoulder replacement was a huge success.

    Bill, knowing you, you will do it. george

  4. George, interesting on the “one hour rule” . It may have been put in place to avoid heat strokes and I thought it was also depending on the length of the previous match like 2 hours or more, but I would also think you could say you didn’t want it. On who goes on I believe that is up to the TD. Singles is usually a priority because you don’t want to have to get stuck where you have to play two singles in a day where two doubles in a day is not an issue. On restarting, always restart at point at which you finished normally with same balls, but as you were early in the match new balls would make sense unless one team objected. Sometimes balls get lost accidentally on purpose and new balls necessary.

    Larry, I would think that if all parties are willing to play (and a court is available), you shouldn’t make them wait. Thanks, george

  5. I agree with Bill ?, and in addition, I go with the tournament director in that singles matches should be played before the resumption of the already in progress doubles matches.

    Fred, thanks. PS “Bill” is Bill Plummer, who moved up to Atlanta and is now out with injury. george

  6. George, for what it is worth, I have never heard of a one hour “rule” being followed in Middle States (or New England or Eastern, where I have also played some tournaments in the past), although I suppose it could be something in the instructions to TDs that the players themselves generally don’t pay much attention to. (Or maybe it is a Florida specific rule, because of all of the sun and heat?) Anyway, I honestly wish Middle States did have such a policy (or of it does, that I knew about it) because, a few years back, on a very hot and humid July day, a TD in a Middle States tournament made me play a singles match literally within 10 minutes after I had finished a doubles match that went 3 sets and where I had gone through 4 shirts and a change of my tennis shorts and socks because of all of the sweat from the heat and humidity. I was also exhausted from the prior match. I asked the TD if I could wait at least a half hour before having to play singles, but he was insistent that, to keep his schedule going, I had to play the singles match then and there. So I did, and I lost pretty easily to a guy that I had beaten handily in a prior tournament a week before. Sensing my exhaustion and pain, my opponent (who could best be described as a strong pusher) basically just drop shotted and lobbed/ moonballed me to death. I am not saying I would have necessarily won if I had an hour to recover from the prior match, but I know I would have at least been able to put up a better fight.

    Marty, Larry Turville wrote me offline and quoted Friend at Court, saying that players were entitled to a 90 minute break (but not mandatory). george

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