Smashing Your Opponent

mohamedYou are playing doubles and your opponent hits a ball just over the net… you close in, strike it on your side of the net, but your follow-through goes across the net and your racquet hits your opponent (who was right next to the net). Whose point is it? The answer and my first-round singles results follow.

This was a write-in scenario from NW Washington; with this ruling by the league coordinator:

It is fine if Team B’s racket follow through goes over the net as long as they hit the ball on their side of the court. Now the ball is on Team A’s side of the court for Team A to make a play.

Team B cannot hinder Team A from hitting the ball nor can they touch Team A’s racket, body or clothing. As soon as they do this, Team B loses that point.

Jill Borgida | USTA/PNW – Area League Coordinator | NW Washington


First Round Singles

Today was the first round of the first Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament of 2016 at the Colonial Country Club in Ft. Myers. (Yes, always some “first match jitters.”).

My opponent was Howard “Buzz” Buzzard from Pennsylvania. He ran very, very well; and had a hard forehand and hard first serve. Trouble for him was that he would mostly miss the second or third shot of a rally and only get one out of four first serves in play (and his second serve was very attackable).

So my challenge was to stay focused for all points and games, which I did and cruised to a 6-1, 6-1 victory. The two games he won were where he strung together some nice ground strokes in one and three consecutive strong first serves in the other.

Tomorrow’s second round is vs. Jay Bortner from Valerico, Florida. And the winner will then get to play the #2 seeded Peter Peczely from Poland (?) on Wednesday.

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