The Jensen Brothers on Doubles

Luke and Murphy Jensen
Luke and Murphy Jensen
The morning started off cool; but the temperature warmed up to the low 80s for our morning of training, team positioning, and drills. A stated goal for the morning is “don’t work too hard” (save yourself for the afternoon doubles match and two-a-day matches that start on Tuesday).

The Jensen Brothers on Doubles

After breakfast, Luke and Murphy Jensen gave a clinic on how to improve your doubles game:

• “The team that foot faults the most, usually wins!” (Murphy’s Rule)
• The team that gets the most balls back in play will win… it won’t be the “spectacular TV shots” that win the match
• With two players at the net and the opponents back at the baseline, the net man on the side where the deep ball is hit should close to the net, while his partner lays back slightly to cover the lob.
• If you hit a short lob, warn your partner, “Short!”
• If your partner goes to the alley to get a ball, you immediately go to middle
• If you are back and your partner poaches at the net, you immediately cross to the other side
• When you are at the net, look to keep moving forward
• “Find the pigeon” … for the big points, make sure to hit to the weaker player – and to his weaker shot.

Morning Tennis

Then the teams went off to play some doubles for about two hours, with different pairings to see how we match up together. I teamed up with Jim Capito from Columbus, Ohio, who I will probably be paired with at either #3 or #4 doubles.

Afternoon Doubles Matches

Our Wanker team played the defending champion Musclemen for the afternoon doubles matches. I did team with Jim Capito at #4 doubles vs. the team of long-time friend and foe Marty Judge and his younger partner Mike Filomena from Mason, OH.

Our match lasted two solid hours, with Jim and me winning the first set 6-3; but going down 1-4 in the second set. We came roaring back and I was serving 6-5 for the match. Somehow our 30-love lead evaporated (my only double fault of the match didn’t help) and we went to a set tie breaker.

We were down set point at 6-5, but ended up grinding it out for a 6-3, 7-6 (9-7) victory.

At the end of the afternoon, the results were: Our Emmo-Wankers down 4-7 to the Davo-Musclemen; and Newk’s Kangaroos leading the Stolle Dunnies by the same score.

After Tennis Tennis

On my balcony
On my balcony

At the end of the day, Roy Emerson gives a clinic right below our balcony; but after a full day of morning and afternoon tennis, Willy and I shared some beer, chips, and relaxing time kibitzing with Emmo from on high. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Senior Moments

Then we went to Happy Hour and dinner of barbeque chicken and ribs. After dinner, I presented the first of planned “Senior Moment” award of giving away a copy of my “Senior Tennis” book. It was awarded to Dick Eitel who flew in from Seattle WA to attend his first Fantasy Camp AT THE AGE OF 86!

The evening’s entertainment was England camper Howard Rogg adapted a verse from Shakespeare Julius Caesar and was then rebutted by Newk quoting a passage from Henry VIII from memory.

Then an “AUSSIE panel” of Davo, Emmo and Fred Stolle regaled us with stories of the early days of Davis Cup and Australian tennis … with a great story of Roy Emerson growing up on a dairy farm near Black Butt Australian and INTENTIONALLY stepping in piles of warm cow dung to keep his bare feet warm.

Afterwards, while others went to the bar for more drink and talk, I went off to my room to try to get a decent night’s sleep before the Tuesday team competition, with singles in the morning and doubles in the afternoon.

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  1. I sure miss Fantasy Week but after last year I have not set foot on a hard court. I presume Terry Long is there – please give a shout out to him for me.

    JB, i am watching him out my window as i write! george

  2. Sounds like you got yer clay court assignment for singles, then. 🙂

    Kevin, i did tuesday morning… but did not turn out well. george

  3. So glad you’re posting…will be amazed if Newk agrees to let you play his guy on clay. He never would for me. Hope to see you guys next year.

  4. I will inform/remind your readers that, contrary to the Jensen brothers’ advice – If you hit a short lob, warn your partner, “Short!” – this is in violation of the USTA rule with respect to a hindrance. You may not speak during the point when the ball is on the opponents ‘ side of the court. This, of course, differs from legally conveying verbally to your partner that a switch is the right move or who should cover a lob when the ball is in play on your side of the net.

    Alan, i agree with you that the rule is no talking; but if you say it quietly enough, it would rarely be called a hindrance. thanks. george

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