Fear of Free Time

Me and brother Bill
Me and brother Bill
After working for half a century as an optometrist, my big brother Bill has finally retired and will be living full time in Naples, Florida. But like so many people who have dedicated their lives to a valuable career, he has “fear of free time.”

The busy business executive cannot picture what his/her day would be like if they didn’t have to go to the office, attend meetings, and manage important projects. But most of them find, as I and most of my Florida friends have, that your days get productively filled and you wonder “where did the time go?”

My brother Bill should have no fears what so ever, he plays golf, swims, bicycles, walks, reads science fiction, and is a very talented wood worker (and is shipping all his equipment down to establish a shop in his back yard).

An excerpt from my “Senior Tennis” book is appropriate…

15-Year Aging Block Theory

When I was in my mid 30’s, people kept on talking about being “middle aged,” which implied that the rest of life was all in decline. That was a negative and depressing perspective; so I developed my own life cycle changes…

Age 0-15: The Body Grows – While there is lots of other stuff going on, the biggest thing is your body growing to its full size.

Age 16-30: The Mind Grows – Through the end of high school, during college, the military and the start of your business career, the mind absorbs a lot of new information.

Age 31-45: The Career Grows – Most people grow, get promoted, and peak in their career by their mid-forties. They will either coast in that job till retirement, or start a new career.

Age 46-60: The Second Career Grows – The workplace is full of people in this age group who are just “holding on” and waiting for retirement. They have effectively retired on the job. Even if someone stays at their original job, they will then find “something else” to challenge them… church, charity, sports, etc.
If they don’t stay and coast at that job, they could start a new career. Think of the “burned out business executive” who turns to teaching. Or the entrepreneur who quits the corporate world (or is released from it unwillingly) and starts their own consultancy or small business.

Age 61-75: The Golden Retirement Years – This is when most of the career pressures have diminished and people can focus on family, friends, and tennis. They can take the time to relax, read more, and spend leisure time they never had (or took) before.

Age 76-90: The Bonus Years – If we get that far… and can stay healthy and active… these are the ‘extra’ years of life.

This theory gives a new perspective to the aging process: rather than continual decline after age 35, we can look forward to ‘the next stage of our lives.’ It is similar to the feeling senior tournament tennis players get as they reach the top of their five-year age block; and can look forward to being ‘the young guy’ in the next group the following year!

So, brother Bill, you have worked most of the way through your “Golden Retirement Years,” so you better start enjoying yourself!

How ’bout you, are you now enjoying The Golden Years?

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3 thoughts on “Fear of Free Time

  1. Bill
    Congrats on your well deserved retirement ! I am sure that you will find many ways to fill your days with tons of enjoyable and active endeavors!
    We sure have come a long way from Regent Street and the infamous El Dorado weight lifting club!
    All the best,
    Steve and Marie
    PS: George happy to hear you are feeling better!

  2. My wife and I both retired in Jan. 2015. I owned a retail business for 41 years and she ran a analytical instrument mfg. company. People said we’d either be really bored or really busy. Well it is what you make it. We are so busy, it’s crazy. We have been doing a lot of travel, including right now on our boat in beautiful Mystic Harbor, Ct. on a 12 day cruise. we bike, tennis, golf, movies, lunch; just a lot of stuff that we didn’t have time to enjoy before as we do now. Sounds like with your interests, you won’t be bored either. Enjoy retirement, as I’ve told lots of people, “RETIREMENT DOESN’T SUCK!”

    Ed – Like in rest of life, it is what you make of it! thanks, george

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