Tsonga Whiffs

tsongaWhen is a serve a serve? Does the serve become “official” when you step to the line? Toss the ball? Swing at the ball? Hit the ball?

Tsonga Whiffs

At this weekend’s Davis Cup quarterfinal singles match between Jo Tsonga (France) vs. Andy Murray (Great Britain), the Frenchman tossed the ball to hit his serve, swung his racquet at the ball, and MISSED it (the picture is of his toss coming down as he swung and missed).whiff

What is the ruling? Like in golf, when you swing and miss at the ball, it is an official attempt… and therefore, this was a fault.

Brad Gilbert’s Wish

If he ruled tennis, Brad Gilbert would make the serve “official” when the server tossed the ball into the air. Such a rule would take away the annoying delays of players who continually catch their toss.

I have been on the receiving end of such a server many times and you are actually at a disadvantage because you don’t know which errant toss he will choose to hit.

So I would almost side with Brad… I would give the server ONE errant toss per service motion and make them swing at the next one. That would allow for bad wind or just a bad toss.

Your thoughts?

PS I think Andy Murray will win the tie vs France by himself (Doubles with his brother)

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3 thoughts on “Tsonga Whiffs

  1. I suspect that a side effect of being required to hit yer toss would be that folks would become much better servers, as we’d have to spend significant time practicing the toss. Too few of us ever practice our tosses, or even understand how critical their placement is for the type of serve we’re trying to pull off. . .

    Kevin, I agree and while I know the importance of the toss, I never do practice it. Thanks. George

  2. There are two rules I would change regarding the serve. The serve would start when the ball leaves the servers hand and eliminate the let .

    TED – i agree… Let the lets begone! thanks, george

  3. I have your book and I’m in the process of reading it. Regarding the above suggestion on the serve, I have a good friend in his eighties that plays with me on a regular basis. When he tosses the ball he needs several tries to properly make contact with the ball. We have to be a little patient with him. It would be a crime to call it a fault every time he tosses the ball. I would be like “robbing” this poor fellow every time his serves.

    Emilio, first, thanks for getting and reading my book. Please let me know what you think (and post an Amazon review). On the ball toss, even if the rule changed, you could always let your friend toss as many times as it takes… Just like many club players serve “first ball in.” Thanks, George

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