Whose Call Is It?

Me and Rambo
Me and Rambo
There are several times in a match that it is questionable not what the call is, but WHO should be making the call. One of those is on the double bounce.

Sometimes Newk camp Wanker’s doubles partner Mike “Rambo” Rennels writes:

Playing with my buddies in a high 4.5 level play, we had split sets and were at 4 all in the third set. I was at the base line when a ball was hit short inside the service line. It was a race to get to the ball before the second bounce. No one including me thought I would reach the ball. I put the racket at the tip of my fingers as I ran forward and lunged and swiped under the ball. I could not see clearly because of my full extension, but felt the ball on the tip of my racket. The ball sailed over the net man near the back of the court in play.

Our opponents called a “double bounce” and caught the ball. Not finishing the point.

My partner had a side view in our side and said he didn’t think I would get there but he did not see a second bounce.

We ended up after discussion playing a Let and broke their serve; and held serve to win the match. The whole time the opponents felt cheated and complained.

What would be the call? Could we play two? Would the players on the hitter’s side over rule the receivers side? Would our opponents loose the point by not playing it out? Is it like a let serve where anyone on the court can call it?

What are the official rules?”

Mike, this one is easy… it is the hitter’s call.

Hitting Into the Court

The more challenging version is where you do get to the ball in time, but your shot goes DOWN into the court and then over the net. It is equally difficult to see; but according to the rule, that one is YOUR OPPONENT’S CALL.

The Code, Item 5: “A player calls all shots landing on, or aimed at, the player’s side of the net.”

So getting to the ball in one bounce is your call; but anything after a legal stroke is the call of the other guys!

Any similar instances for you?

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