Final: The Friendship Cup Results

Me, Paul Roberge, Whitey, Jean LaRose
Me, Paul Roberge, Whitey, Jean LaRose
On a beautiful summer Saturday, the international teams from Quebec, Canada and New England gathered at the Quechee Club in Vermont to play the annual Friendship Cup.

With the men’s teams competing from the age 45 up to the age 80, they started us old guys first in the morning. I was supposed to play singles first, but due to an injury on the opponent, they asked to play their doubles first; so I started off with my doubles match at 9:30 a.m.

Whitey Joslin and I teamed up, as we did last year, against a solid team from Quebec. Their strengths were there consistency an excellent lobs. Once we figured to stand back a little, we were able to control the match and won 6–3 6–3.

Early Matches

In the mostly – singles first round matches, the team from Quebec took an early 15–10 match lead.

With the threat of tropical storm named Bill bringing all day rain tomorrow, they tried to get all 57 matches in on Saturday. So, I waited until 3:30 PM and went on the court for my singles match against Paul Roberge, who I played in doubles in the morning.

Paul is a solid singles player, with an excellent crosscourt forehand and runs very well. He said afterwards that his best shot is his drop shot, but he couldn’t get it in today.

The Easiest Shot

My strategy was, as it is in most singles matches: Hit my forehand. I did my best Jim Courier imitation and was able to do that, especially on his second serve. As most coaches will tell you, that is usually the easiest shot you will get… a soft ball, landing short, that you can run around and hit a strong forehand.

I did that and was able to control the match for a 6–3 6–3 victory.

2015 friendship scores 1End of Day Scores

The pictures show the results through about 6:30 p.m… when I went to the cocktail party and some doubles matches were still going on (double click on them to get a bigger view). I 2015 friendship scores 2learned later that our American team had come back to tie the score at 26 matches all – with five matches left to be played on Sunday (weather permitting).

LATE BREAKING NEWS: 1:00 pm Sunday. Whitey Joslin called to report that the teams split the first four doubles matches; so it came down to one dubs in the 45s for the Championship. And in a tight and tough match, the Canadians came out on top (for the first time in many years!). See them next year in Montreal.

The Women’s Team

At the same time as we played, the American women, including newly retired Wheaton College Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach Lynn Miller, were besting the Canadians by a final score of 13-7!

I will hang around the cottage for a rainy Father’s Day and wait to learn the final results. With special Thanks to American Team Captain2015 friendship scores 3 Mike Kolendo and Chuck Kinyon’s great Quechee pro shop staff.

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6 thoughts on “Final: The Friendship Cup Results

  1. I love reading about events such as Canada vs New England. Your web site makes all of this communication possible. Out here in Columbus, Ohio we only have local leagues which are good but not as exciting as an International competition.

    I hope all of you have a very happy fathers day and hope the weather lets you finish the war. I will look up at the stars and stripes on my house and think of you guys representing the good old USA. Go New England my roots!

    All the best! Phil

    Phil – Thanks. and please let me know if you are coming this way! george

  2. George: Nice chatting with you in Vermont at last evening’s Friendship Cup banquet. Thanks for posting the men’s results. I was wondering who ended up winning today’s matches. Did the final match go 3 sets? Also, thanks for posting the women’s results I love competiting in this event, and hope to do it again next year up in Canada, and thanks to the USTA for offering such an event for someone like me who didn’t compete in USTA tennis as a junior,and not enough when I was pursing my career in college tennis coaching-so am making up for lost time now!

    Lynn – check the “late breaking news” in the post for the finals! i look forward to seeing you at the Chargers Club tournament in New London. george

  3. George,

    Great job George!

    Glad you and Whitey could team up–he’s a terrific guy and player.



  4. I like reading / hearing about events such as this…..good job George!

    Mark, thanks. George

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