Nada Nadal?

rafa2If you watched Rafa Nadal losing the Madrid final to Andy Murray, you had to question his future success. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Rafa and wish him well; but the WAY he lost was very disconcerting.

Granted, Murray played well (and has not lost a match since his wedding); but not only did Rafa lose in two easy sets, he lost about two thirds of the baseline rallies (something that never used to happen – especially on red clay) PLUS he was framing shots and missing by a lot.

Head or Body?

If you have read his autobiography, you know that he really does not come to the court with a lot of self confidence. So I do not know whether he has the “yips” (like senior golfers get) or there is something wrong with his technique.rafa

Will we ever see him back in the top 4? He has now slipped to #7 (and will face a tough draw at the French).

“Whatever will happen, will be,” Nadal said. “It’s something that we have to realize, all of us, that what’s happening during these last years, it’s very complicated to be 10 or 11 years without leaving the top four.”

My Nadal Connection

I was born 6-3-43 … and Rafa was born 6-3 … 43 years later. So while I will turn72 in a couple of weeks, he will turn 29.

By the way, a little known fact:

“Nada” may refer to:
• nothing in Spanish
• But, hope in Serbian

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Nada Nadal?

  1. Rafa’s style of play is VERY hard on his body and it may be catching up with him. He has always been a pounder in his movement unlike Roger who just floats across the court.
    I have always marveled at how his shoulder does not fly apart with his follow through on the forehand. Could be catching up on his body and mind?

    Ron Atkinson PS Let’s not forget one of the all time greats!!

  2. A lot of folks doubted Rafa a couple of years ago after his injuries. I suspect he will once again regain his place in the top four.

    Ted. I would like to see that happen. George

  3. George, I agree with Ron, but Rafa tends to lose to players who take the ball on the rise
    and hit a flat aggressive return. Andy did not make many unforced errors, he
    kept Rafa on the run. Rafa did not get much of a chance to wind up with his
    top spin forehand(Rafa has the longest span to contact point of all the players)
    thus missing long etc. I give Andy credit for a great game. Do not forget Rafa
    looked very good in winning his semi-final match.
    Anthony Rasile

    Anthony – all true. let’s watch how he does in Rome. george

  4. I think Rafa wants one more French title & then he’ll call it a day as he has no chance (at the other Slams) any more on any other surface. I’m sure he’s up for it but is he up to it ? As for Madrid, don’t forget he got to the Final after playing brilliantly when he destroyed Berdych in the Semis, he just came up against the world number 2 (on recent/current form) in the Final playing as only Andy Murray can when he’s on song ! Given the chance I would much prefer to play a match on the Centre Court at Roland Garros rather than the All England Club – you can’t beat a slow red clay court !
    Best, Howard

    Howard – Good points you make. And yes, YOUR game is much more suited to sloooow red clay than the grass! thanks, george

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