Clear The Ball

ballsWe all are aware that stray balls on the court during warmup or practice sessions SHOULD be cleared; and many have heard some of the horror stories. Here are two that will reinforce the point.

How’s Your Achilles?

Michael Fenster remembers on two different occasions playing matches where he warned his opponent about a stray ball on the court… and they did nothing about it. And two different times, two different players went back, stepped on the ball and tore their Achilles tendons.

The Worst Case Scenario

Steve Shreiner told of a Michigan doctor friend who went back for an overhead, stepped on ball, lost his balance and fell on his head. The doctor was in a coma for six months and never practiced medicine again.

So when you see a stray ball on the court, don’t be shy, STOP play and be sure the ball is picked up. It makes no difference if it is just during warm-up or during an actual match… the consequences could be dramatic.

Brothers vs. Brothers Davis Cup

This weekend’s Davis Cup tie vs. Great Britain could come down to a brothers vs. brothers doubles match. The US team is made up of John Isner, Donald Young, and the Bryan Brothers; while the British team is virtually Andy Murray and his brother Jamie.

So, assuming that hometown Andy wins both of his singles matches and the US can win the other two, it will come down to the doubles. We know the Bryans will be representing us; and it is speculated that the Murray brothers may team up for the other side.

TV coverage starts Friday morning at 8 am ET on the Tennis Channel and continues Saturday and Sunday.

St. Pete CAT II

Congrats to Larry Turville, who was pushed in the 65 singles finals, but survived; and to Pelican Bay’s own Gordon Hammes (80 singles) and Naples’ George Dalphon (65 doubles).

For the full results from last week’s tournament, please click HERE

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4 thoughts on “Clear The Ball

  1. Last summer I was hitting with a teaching pro. There were a bunch of balls at the base of the net so no big deal. He had me hitting some shots from 1/2 court and then there were some short balls I came in on. Of course, one of those short balls brought me right to the net where I stepped on a ball, rolled my ankle and was out for 6 weeks. It still hurts if I play singles a few days in a row. As a teaching professional he should’ve known better to clear the balls before bringing me to the net and I should’ve used common sense.

    Andy – perfect example. thanks. george

  2. 35 years ago I was playing in a tournament in Bowie Md. and there was a loose ball on the court next to my match as I was about to say something the poor guy stepped on the ball and his foot rolled over it and his body snapped back like being shot out of a cannon. I have never seen anyone hit their head so violently not even in four years of basketball.

    I taught tennis for 40 years until retirement and I was phobic about clearing balls during lessons.

    Ron – …and for good reason! thanks. george

  3. I would have assumed that Andy Murray would be a solid doubles player, considering that his brother is sort of a doubles specialist. But, I happened to get to see Andy team up in a doubles match at Key Biscayne with Djokovic. Djokovic was as amazing in doubles as he is in singles, but Murray looked *lost* out there – as if he’d never played doubles. Felt sorry for Djokovic.

    Kevin – let’s hope is lost vs the Bryans! tks, george

  4. Not as dramatic but just as serious……….my old-time nemesis and I were playing indoors, and neither one of us noticed a ball near the back curtain.
    He stepped on it and was out for 6 months with a severe ankle sprain. The doctor said it would have been better if he had broken it.

    John – just one more good example. thks. george

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