Touching The Net

touching the netEvery tennis player knows they are not allowed to touch the net with their racquet, hands, body, or feet; but when CAN you touch the net?

At an ATP tournament in Rio, Fabio Fognini played a very strange match with Rafa Nadal … and this rule came into play. The Italian charged the net to put away a volley, but slid into the net and the game point was awarded to Rafa.

The Rule?

Since Fognini argued in Italian, it wasn’t clear what he was objecting to. It was either….

Rafa had no play on the ball. If that was his argument, he would be wrong; because it makes no difference if your opponent could have gotten the ball back. Or he was arguing …

The ball bounced twice. That argument would have been valid; since the rule is you CAN touch the net after the ball bounces twice or hits the back fence. But the umpire correctly ruled that the ball (as pictured here) had not yet bounced twice.

And if you happened to watch that match, you saw the most incredible match point in Fognini’s upset of Nadal… they are both behind the baseline when Rafa’s groundstroke hits the net and DRIBBLES OVER (within 2-3 feet of the net). Not only does Fognini get to it, but he hits a masterful angled winner for match point!

He is one of those players who could really be Top Ten, if he could master his mind.

St. Pete Cat II

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1 thought on “Touching The Net

  1. There is a way that you can touch the net and continue the rally!
    In a singles match using the regular (doubles) net and singles sticks, you can legally touch the net with your hand or anything….. even move the net and continue the rally unpenalized…..

    Allan – not sure i understand… are you saying touch the net on the outside of the singles sticks? tks, george

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