A Class Act

rafa2If you watched the end of the grueling, five-set, four+ hour match between the (ailing) Rafa Nadal and American journeyman Tim Smychek, you saw an action that Rafa commented on afterwards, “There are not many players who would do that, down 6-5 in the fifth set. I congratulate him.”

The Act

The young American was playing the match of his life, pushing Rafa to five sets with consistency and power from his 5’9” frame; but found himself down 6-5, in the fifth set with Rafa serving at 30-love. As Rafa tossed the ball and served, a Jerk (for lack of what I would like to call him) yelled out, causing Rafa to miss his first serve.

Rafa looked to the chair umpire, who indicated “nothing he could do.” But Tim Smychek gave Rafa a first serve; and Rafa won the point. Not sure how many others (including myself!) would have done that.

Today’s Doubles Semi-finals

Chuck Kinyon and I took the court at 2 p.m. under partly sunny skies vs. the team of Jack Moter and Don Keenan (who knocked off the #1 seeded Drilling/Kileff yesterday)…. And we left the court two hours later!

We fell behind in the first set, serving at 1-4… but were able to right the ship and win the next four games to be serving for the set at 5-4.

But we managed to lose that game and then the next two, and the set 5-7.

The second set was different in that we had an early break, but gave it back; and it went to 3-3. We broke their serve to go 4-3; but they broke back. We broke their serve and were once again serving 5-4 for the set.

Déjà vu all over again!

They broke, held, and broke for a two-hour, 7-5, 7-5 trip to the finals vs. Hank Irvine and Evert Jonsson tomorrow.

For the rest of the matches, please click HERE.

Next week is the CAT II at Sterling Oaks, where i have a bottom seed in singles; but Chuck and I will have to fight our way thru the draw with NO seed (“How the great have fallen!”)

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  1. I find the grunting and screaming that some of the players (mostly women) do very disturbing. I know none of the players are willing to publicly say how they feel about it, but why then is it so universally condemned when a jerk in the stands does it?

    Rick – I think Sharapova is over the top on her noise level! george

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