50-50 Are Good Odds

diceYou have your opponent out of position and a HUGE open court space to hit to. How often do you go for too much and miss that shot? Paul Annacone has some great advice for you.

During one TV commentary on The Tennis Channel, the veteran player and former Roger Federer coach, suggested you should “hit an aggressive shot to a conservative location.” What I hear him saying is: hit the ball hard, but don’t “go for the lines” and you are likely to have success.

And the odds are with you. I figure if you follow Annacone’s advice …

• It is 50-50 that your opponent will even be able to get back in position to get to the ball.

• And if they do, it is 50-50 they will put the ball back in play.

• And if they do that, it is 50-50 they will give you another shot to hit to the opposite open court.

So if my math is correct, that is only a 1 in 8 chance of something bad happening. Great odds. So play the odds and play it safe.

Tournament #2

Next week is the second Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament, taking place at the Sanchez-Casal Academy (aka Naples Bath & Tennis Club); and I am entered in 70s singles (the #7 seed out of 12 seeds) and with doubles partner Chuck Kinyon in 70s doubles (as the #5 of 5 seeds, after last week’s first-round upset).

Me and Chuck
Me and Chuck

The link to the tournament site with all the seeds, draws and start times is HERE

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