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net sticksAt the start of my quarterfinal singles match today, after the coin toss, the referee pointed out a rule I had not heard of regarding NOT playing the ball when it ticks the net.

He pointed to the sticks inserted in the net for tournament singles play and told us that any ball that hits the top of the net between the stick and the net post and lands in play is LOSS OF POINT. He said that portion of the net, like the net post itself, the scoreboard AND the sticks are all considered “permanent structures” (like ceilings, lights, etc.) and hitting them is out of play.

He did remind us that you can hit a groundstroke AROUND outside of the net post and have it land in court for a good shot – but if your ball were to touch the side of the net post on the way by, out of play.

The 2015 Sleeper

Me and The Sleeper
Me and The Sleeper

A “Tournament Sleeper” is defined (by me) as someone who comes into the tournament with no record, therefore no ranking, therefore no seeding … and slices his way through the draw, surprising everyone along the way.

Last year’s “sleeper” was my good New Hampshire friend Bob Wilkie, who is now getting the seedings that his game deserves. But today I faced another in Doug McCrea (Towson, MD/ Cape Coral, Florida).

He has a great all-around game… moves very well, hits a topspin forehand, slice backhand and great drop shot. Doug won his first round match 6-0, 6-1; then beat #5 seeded Clive Kileff 6-3, 6-1; and today beat me by the same score.

As loser’s often say, “But the match was closer than the score.” I was tired from yesterday’s three-hour match; When I tried to run around my backhand to hit a Jim Courier inside-out forehand, I ended up “walking around my backhand” and not hitting it well at all. But even if I were fresh, Doug still would have won.

Next Week: Singles and doubles at Sanchez-Casal (aka Naples Bath & Tennis).

Today’s results were:

Men’s 55 Singles
Q Robert Steinmetz d. (2) Hank Ream 6-1; 2-4Ret (inj)
Q (3) Scott Shepherd d. David Brown 6-2; 6-2
Q Timothy Waters d. Tinsley Dozier 4-6; 6-2; 6-3
Q (1) Selim Benbadis d. Michael Morley 6-4; 7-5

Men’s 60 Singles
Q (2) Larry Gagnon d. Jared Chase 6-0; 6-1
Q Terry McNabb d. Walt Lewis 6-4; 5-3Ret (inj)
Q Craig Bouchard d. Jeffrey Heath 6-0; 6-0
Q (1) Larry Turville d. Andrew Bloom 6-0; 6-0 (Andy said, “And, I played WELL!”)

Men’s 65 Singles
SF (4) Bob Wilkie d. (7) William MacArthur 0-6; 6-2; 6-2 (Check out this comeback!)
SF (1) Mike Dahm d. Ken Baker 6-0; 6-1

Men’s 70 Singles
Q (2) John Tibbits d. (8) Dave Spilseth 7-6; 7-5 (A War!)
Q Douglas McCrea d. (4) George Wachtel 6-3; 6-1
Q (3) Joseph McAleer d. (7) Robert McAfee 6-0; 6-1 (Watch out for JoMac)
Q (1) Peter Peczely d. (6) Tony Cessna 6-0; 6-0

Men’s 75 Singles
SF (3) Charles Burns d. Dag Williamson 6-4; 6-2
SF (1) Joseph Bachmann d. Ben Varn 6-0; 6-1 (Glad Mr. B is in the 75s)

Men’s 80 Singles
Q Monson Douglas d. (2) Ron Tonidandel 7-5; 6-0
Q (3) Henry Prusinowski d. Hong Kim 6-2; 6-2
Q Thomas Mancuso d. George Pittas 4-6; 6-4; 6-0
Q (1) Gordon Hammes d. Michael Claffey 6-0; 6-2 (Pelican Bay’s own)

Men’s 85 Singles
SF (2) Raymond Malley d. Mike Panayotti 6-0; 6-4
SF (1) Russell Fink d. Barney Gradman 6-4; 4-6; 6-3

Men’s 55 Doubles
SF Redpath/Vaughan d. Brown/Waters 6-2; 6-2
SF (1) Eber/Graziani d. Barletta/Morris 6-4; 6-1

SF (2) Bloom/Hoffmann d. Degner/Panter Wd (pc)
SF (1) Barnes/Gagnon d. Mitzell/Owler 6-1; 6-2

Men’s 65 Doubles
SF (3) Morton/Weiss d. Peters/Petrick 7-6; 6-3
SF (1) Dalphon/Wilkie d. Marois/Welch 6-4; 6-3

Men’s 70 Doubles
SF (2) Irvine/Kileff d. Swan/Underwood 6-0; 6-3
SF (4) Ludwig/Mutchnik d. Tarantino/Veltman 6-3; 6-2

Men’s 75 Doubles
F (1) Davie/Dilworth d. (3) Foster/Varn 6-2; 7-6 (Congratulations!)

Men’s 80 Doubles
RR Abramson/Fields d. Brisbin/Wall 6-1; 6-0 (And Alan has my book!)

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