Something To Prove

FSS logoBefore the Longboat Key tournament, I posted this same headline because I was surprised that I didn’t receive even the lowest seeding in singles or with my strong partner, Chuck Kinyon in doubles (and ended up getting to the singles quarter finals and almost beating the #2 seeds in doubles). But for the first Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament next week at the World Tennis Club in Naples, I am “seeding surprised” in the opposite direction.

The SW Florida Connection

Check out the seeds below, and while at it note the incredible number of the seeded players who live and play in SW Florida (sorry if i missed anyone). And how about the NO seed for one of the best 60s doubles teams in the nation: Howie Ames and Steve Shreiner?

Men’s 55 Singles
1. Benbadis, Selim

2. Ream, Hank

3. Shepherd, Scott

Men’s 60 Singles
1. Turville, Larry

2. Gagnon, Larry

3. Degner, Kim

4. Persons, Armor

5. Huey, Kirk

Men’s 65 Singles
1. Dahm, Mike (Naples)

2. Bill, Winder

3. Welch, John

4. Wilkie, Bob (Naples)

5. Posteraro, Dennis

6. Feldmann, Herb

7. MacArthur, William

8. Green, Robert

Men’s 70 Singles
1. Peczely, Peter

2. Tibbits, John

3. McAleer, Joseph (Lee)

4. Wachtel, George (Naples)

5. Kileff, Clive

6. Cessna, Tony

7. McAfee, Robert

8. Spilseth, Dave

9. Keenan, Donald (Naples)

10. Thomas, Jeffrey

Men’s 75 Singles
1. Bachmann, Joseph (Sarasota)

2. Weber, Guido

3. Burns, Charles

4. Curry, James

5. Seputa, Vitalis

6. Gamble, Chip

7. Dorrel, Charles

Men’s 80 Singles
1. Hammes, Gordon (Naples)

2. Tonidandel, Ron (Sarasota)

3. Prusinowski, Henry

Men’s 85 Singles
1. Fink, Russell

2. Malley, Raymond

Men’s 55 Doubles
1. Eber, Warren/ Graziani, Ronen

Men’s 60 Doubles
1. Barnes, Michael/ Gagnon, Larry (Lee County)

2. Bloom, Andrew/ Hoffmann, Willy (Bonita)

Men’s 65 Doubles
1. Dalphon, George/ Wilkie, Bob (Naples)

2. Moore, John/ Schultz, Rick (Naples)

3. Morton, George/ Weiss, John (Naples)

4. Berry, John/ Dahm, Mike (Naples)

Men’s 70 Doubles
1. Kinyon, Chuck/ Wachtel, George (Naples)

2. Irvine, Hank/ Kileff, Clive

3. Saltzman, Leonard/ Tibbits, John

4. Ludwig, Philip/ Mutchnik, Ronald (Naples)

5. Engelhard, Gary/ Hull, Steven (Bonita)

Men’s 75 Doubles
1. Davie, Matthew/ Dilworth, Robert (Naples)

2. Curry, James/ Hayes, Jerald

3. Foster, Thomas/ Varn, Ben

For the link to the tournament draws and match times, please click HERE

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7 thoughts on “Something To Prove

  1. George, here is my take on seeding in tournaments: It messes with my head too much and, all things being equal, I really don’t like being seeded, or having a high seed if it cannot be avoided.

    Practically every time I have been seeded, I have not lived up to my seeding in the outcome. But when I have not been seeded at all or as high as I (in my heart of hearts) maybe thought I really deserved, I have almost always surprised myself and played much better than I would ever have expected.

    I think the issue, for me, is a bit of the imposter syndrome when I am in fact seeded or seeded too high for my comfort zone. I secretly wonder whether I deserve it (and often conclude even before playing that I do not). But when I am not seeded at all or only seeded low, then your headline about having something to prove definitely enters into my thinking, however subconsciously. I tend to play better and with more conviction in that case, and I almost always move much better and concentrate better. I have much more of the “I’ll show ’em” attitude.

    I am sure the fact that I have nothing to lose when I am not seeded but, conversely, I convince myself that I have much to lose if I am seeded is also at the back of my mind. But I really don’t know how to stop these negative thoughts from occurring. Anyone know a good sports psychologist?

    Marty, I agree 100%! I would much rather be the underdog! George

  2. The no seed is an unbelievable surprise. How is that possible? However I couldn’t think of a more deserving and talented team to receive that seed

    Andy – “Smile when you say that”! george

  3. Congratulations to you and Chuck. Based on past performance how could they not seed Howie Ames and Steve Shreiner #1 for 60 Doubles?

  4. Congrats George, I guess the word is getting out on you. I am a little puzzled by the uneven number of some seeds 3 and 7 for example. Didn’t know that was possible in the rules.

    Larry – Some funny stuff. See you next week. Thanks, george

  5. Well George, I am not sure how seeding occurs. I know how it should happen but that only means “should”. As long as everyone goes along with this it will continue. All I am sure of is everyone should provide as much information to each tournament as possible to “help” them correctly seed each division. If seeds are posted and anyone feels it is incorrect they should again “help” the tournament and inform them who, what, where and why it needs to be corrected. In Howie and Steve’s case it is a big boo-boo! These guys had a great year in 2014 and I for one want to say “Congrats Guys!” Someone is going to get knocked out by these guys soon and they shouldn’t be where they are.

    SO, come on and redo the seeding before the event starts. Reseeding is done all of the time, this is a textbook case of where it should occur.

    Lastly, thanks for all the work you do and GOOD LUCK to everyone at the tournament and I’ll see all of you in a couple of weeks in Naples!!

  6. George,

    I did a little looking and I’ll bet the only information used for seeding was Florida ranking information. It has not been updated since before Longboat Key. Howie and Steve had no results for Florida before Longboat and Pavel probably didn’t look at National results and/or rankings so Howie and Steve fell between this crack. We should probably have our Florida Tennis association results updated more often and use National information for seeding to insure “more proper” seeds.

    Your thoughts?

    Patrick, I thought the tournament plugged into the Usta system and got the seedings that way. Larry T, can you shed some light? Thanks, george.

  7. As you know I am not involved with the seeding this year except with the Cat II’s. Mark Taylor from Clearwater is the new chairman and apparently using primarily the Florida seeding list. Before I used to publish seeds and then wait day to make the draws in case of any mistakes. Now draws and seeds posted at same time which makes remaking the draws difficult. You should write Mark at for his exact method.

    Larry – thanks. george

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