Who Won Longboat Key?

barnes and nobleAfter a solid opening week of “the Florida tennis tournament season” at Longboat Key, the last matches were played today in singles and doubles. Here is a list of the winners…

Men’s 55 Singles
F (1) Vallis Wilder d. (3) Eric Friedman 6-1; 6-2

Men’s 60 Singles
F (1) Fred Robinson d. (2) Bill Ashley 6-3; 6-2

Men’s 65 Singles
F (1) Larry Turville d. (2) John Mayotte 7-5; 6-3
(Looks like Larry has some competition!)

Men’s 70 Singles
F (1) Donald Long d. (3) Ivo Barbic 6-1; 6-7; 4-1Ret (inj)
(Seems like a lot of injuries and retirees at this event)

Men’s 75 Singles
F (1) Fred Farzanegan d. (2) Francis Juhasz 6-2; 6-3

Men’s 80 Singles
F (1) King Van Nostrand d. (2) Gordon Hammes 6-3; 6-2
(Naples own gordon does well again!)

Men’s 55 Doubles
F (2) Friedman/Pier d. (1) Kier/Wilder 6-3; 7-5

Men’s 60 Doubles
F (2) McClure/Robinson d. (1) Ames/Shreiner 6-2; 6-1
(Our local Silver Ball winners faced a tough team)

Men’s 65 Doubles
F (1) Florian/Mazo d. (3) Marois/Welch 6-3; 6-1

Men’s 70 Doubles
F (1) Irvine/Jonsson d. (4) Berry/Long 6-1; 6-4
(That should have been Kinyon/Wachtel losing in the finals!!)

Men’s 75 Doubles
F (2) Greenblatt/Thompson d. (1) Mathias/Poist 2-6; 7-6; 6-1

Men’s 80 Doubles
RR Beeson/Crewe d. Churchill/Lawrence 6-3; 6-4

For the full draws and results, click HERE

Fred Drilling Hospitalized

“If you ever have a swelling of your ankle or leg for no apparent reason,” advices Fred Drilling, “Go get it checked out immediately!” Fred was on the tennis court a week ago and had that occur… left the court mid-match and went to Physicians Regional Hospital to get it checked out. “A large blood clot in the veins of his leg”!!

Related to that, they at the same time diagnosed him as having picked up a parasite in his intestines which has been dehydrating his body for over three weeks. Fred has been in the hospital for five nights (!) and is on the mend and hopes to be checked out tomorrow.

You can message him here or call his cell: 301-767-6306

Just In Time For Christmas!

It was a thrill for me to see my book, “Senior Tennis” on the shelves of the Sports Section of the Naples Barnes & Noble bookstore (pictured above)! If you are in town, you can pick one up… if not, they are always available at Amazon.com and make a great gift! To go there, just click HERE.

If you are not on my “new posting alert email list” and want to be (I promise, no other uses of your email address!), just drop me a note at George@seniortennisandfitness.com

3 thoughts on “Who Won Longboat Key?

  1. Good luck to Mr. Drilling. Looks like the only back-draw/consolation matches were all played in the 70’s singles. Were there weather issues? Did you happen to get to watch Larry’s finals match??

    Kevin – yes, it seems that very few backdraw and even third place playoff matches played. No weather problems… just old age and ego problems. also, spoke with Fred D about volleys today — he is more in your camp of the heavy slice volley; but i talked with Hank Irvine and will post something on that subject sometime soon. tks, george.

  2. Hank’s my hero, but I’d never be able to learn to volley as well as he. 🙂 I’m thinking that those skilled enough to routinely volley “flat” are rare. I’ve only ever lost to those types. 🙂

  3. Best wishes to Fred! Hope your back on the courts real soon!

    Kathy & Bob / Totally Tennis magazine

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