Tennis Gifts and Gadgets

santaAs we approach Thanksgiving, the stores have already put up their Christmas decorations and started promoting sale items. So here are a few items tennis players may be interested in for gift giving (or for themselves!)…

ScoreBand 4-in-1 Scorekeeping Wristband

tool scorebrandA new take on an old idea: keeping your tennis (or golf) score on your wrist. According to the maker, “Never lose track of where you stand again! Thoughtfully engineered for active wear with a sleek design and quick-touch functionality, ScoreBand is the world’s first digital 4-in-1 scorekeeping wristband watch.”

For more information, the link is HERE

Quality Tennis Jewelry

jewelryFormer Newk Camper, Rolf Yaeger designs and produces high quality tennis-themed jewelry pieces. Rolf says, “My motivation to start offering tennis jewelry came from my tennis memorabilia collection. I now offer affordable jewelry, many of my own design, and use gold, silver and the best quality CZs. The quality of my jewelry is excellent and there is no other tennis jewelry available for my prices. I have a 100% refund policy and offer to customize the size of the bracelets free of charge.”

To see some his unique pieces at the Tennis Boutique, the link is HERE.

EtchSwing Aid

tool etch swingWhile at the Pinehurst Nationals, I saw a player warming up with this device. Designed to work on our sport-specific strength training by mimicking tennis specific movements while introducing greater resistance to build strength.

To read more, the link is HERE.

“Senior Tennis” Book

cover front onlyI have been delighted with the early sales of my book and especially pleased that many people have said they bought extras to give as gifts. So, if you have not checked out its contents or want to order some for gift giving, please do!

The link to the Amazon page is HERE.

Thanking our Troops Through Tennis

T3 logoAnd speaking of giving, Thanks to all of you who have made our fund raising for Dick Stockton’s Blue Sky Foundation program to work with our military and their families such a fast success. For the full story, pls see the post below. If you have not yet donated and wish to, please click HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Tennis Gifts and Gadgets

  1. The Etch Swing works well. Several yrs ago my wife got it for me following an 18 month layoff where I thought I was finished as a right hander to relearn the game lefty. Interestingly enough the device loosened up my right elbow enough that I could continue playing. My kids use it…somewhat hard to find now.

    There is a cheaper alternative Geo. Someone at Newks had a racket with a cover on it wrapped with duck tape for extra weight. Same effect.

    Chris, thanks for the tip. George

  2. George, can I get you to mention my QM-1 Camera Mount for tennis courts? Like your book, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And we have the whole camera kits for people starting from scratch. Hope it’s okay to mention this, and please delete if not. The website is Thanks!

    Mike – yup. i am a believer in using video and readers can search “video” on my site to find the Aug 2010 review i did on your device. thanks. george.

  3. So sad you did not include Score At Hand

    Christine, yes i thought about your item and four others; but featuring five already was enough. Readers can search the site to see my full review of your score keeper in June 2013. Thanks, george.

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