The Bryans on Racquets and Strings

bryans2What does the most successful professional doubles duo, The Bryan brothers, have to say about tennis racquets and strings? Thanks to a tip from Fred Drilling, here is what Bob Bryan posted at Tennis Warehouse a while back.

“As far as the racket specs, here’s what I do know. Mike and I both have different grip molds. We took our favorite Wilson rackets and gave them to the racket doctors at P1 when we switched to Prince.”

“They took the grips off the Wilson rackets and made molds for our Prince rackets. They also tried to duplicate the swing weight, etc. The stiffness was different which made it a tough switch at first.”

Changing “Racquets”

“Most players use the same racket their whole careers. The paint jobs change, but the frames usually stay the same. Mike and I had 8 different paint jobs on our old Wilson frame.”

The Strings

“We use Luxilon 1.25 in the main strings and Babolat Touch gut in the cross strings. We string it at 50lbs. in the mains and 54lbs. in the cross. The Luxilon doesn’t have that much give and we rarely break the Lux. Before matches, we’ll usually string up between 2 and 4 fresh rackets each”

“Andy (Roddick) does between 6-10 for his matches. James (Blake) only does 1 or 2 and James strings at 66 lbs no matter where he is or what surface he is on. Most players adjust their tensions depending on the feel of the balls and the weather.”
Different from you and me!

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2 thoughts on “The Bryans on Racquets and Strings

  1. I use a full bed of co – polymer strings with the mains strung 4 lbs higher than the crosses, the exact opposite of the Bryans and most professionals. This article explains why . Basically unless you string your racquet for every match like the pros the strings tend to drift the wrong way quickly with tighter crosses. And physics and my own trials suggest better co ordination of the 2 string beds with tighter mains.

    Paul – I am now experimenting with a new string called Gamma Glide… as the name implies, the main string polys are meant to “glide” across and back on this cross string. TBD. george

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