How To Hit a Drop Shot

Hank Irvine
Hank Irvine
We all hate to see them coming: the Killer Drop Shots. But as we become even more “senior,” it is a shot that becomes more and more effective to use. In the extreme if you have ever seen a 90 and over match, it is basically just “serve and drop shot.”

So here are some tips from some of the top players on how to take the offense and be the one who is inflicting the Killer Drop Shot…

Practice: Like every other stroke in tennis, if you want to get better at it, you need to practice in non-match situations.
When to use? Jimmy Parker says “The drop shot is situational,” you need to know when to hit it. My opinion, the best time to use is when you have driven your opponent deep and/or off the court AND you are standing inside the baseline
Disguise: And Jimmy says, “Learn to hit the drop shot with same motion as a forehand or backhand drive.”
Forehand Drop: use continental grip, rather than a traditional Eastern or Semi Western
Watch the ball into the racquet. The biggest mistake I make is looking to where I want to hit the ball.
Get Height: My son Jeremy was taught: when hitting, think UP not FORWARD. The saying is “Hit a mountain, not a hill.” In other words, the trajectory of a drop shot hit from inside the baseline should have some height to it and not be a line drive.
Carve under the ball to create a higher arc and backspin, so the ball bounces up and not forward
Hank Irvine advised me: always follow your own drop shot into the net; so you can cut off his reply. You NEVER want to allow yourself to be “re-dropped” and not get there.
Drop volley: Bob Wilkie says don’t slice the ball as much as keeping your hands “soft” and pull racquet back
• And most important: Get it Over the net and tell yourself “It doesn’t have to be that good.”

How do you hit a dropper? But please, as your drop shot improves, don’t use them against ME… I hate chasing down Killer Drop Shots.

ITF World Championships – If you are interested on how the top senior players are doing in Turkey right now, here is the link to the main website. Look on the right side for the box, “WORLD TEAM CHAMPS, TURKEY – DRAWS”. Check not only the U.S., but the Swedish team for Evert Jonsson; and the Zimbabwe team for Hank Irvine, Clive, and more.

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