Three Things…

cover hajathHere are three items about tennis on TV, on the web, and in print…

Newk Camp on TV

In case you missed the showing or recorded and missed part of it (i recorded and lost it yesterday, when Comcast came and had to replace my faulty DVR!), the great Newk Camp documentary will be replayed tomorrow, Friday at 4 pm on Tennis Channel.

according to one viewer, i am like Forest Gump… appearing in the background of famous people segments!

Other Good Tennis Sites

Thanks to Bill Simonton for this tip on another (in addition to mine!) good tennis web site.

This one has many links to tournament schedules around the country; so it is good for a quick and easy reference. It is

And one many people have told me about for good tournament information is Alan Messer’s

My Book

A reader made my day yesterday with this emailed message, “Your book fills a void which existed for too long between books written by Touring Pros for those aspiring to become touring pros. and the rest of us. After reading this book, I am sure I will keep it as a reference book to read, reread and to memorize all the good “opinions” in it, for future reference. Thank you George for a great book.” FYI the Amazon link is HERE

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