Ball Breakers

ballsNaples tennis friend George Morton was watching a doubles match in the City of Naples tournament and in a third set tie-breaker at match point, the returner missed the return but called a let due to a “broken ball.” They had some discussion, replayed the point, and the returners won it and the match; but was it the right call?

George looked up the rule, according to the ITF:

George M.
George M.

“If a ball gets broken during play, the point shall be replayed.
Case 1: If a ball is soft at the end of a point, should the point be replayed?
Decision: If the ball is soft, not broken, the point shall NOT be replayed.”

So, if the ball is truly “broken,” you can play a let; but if it has just lost some compression, you cannot. Thanks George!


so, what was really wrong with Serena during her doubles match that she couldn’t even pick up a ball? Martina Navratalova thinks it was NOT a virus. If you didn’t see her struggles, check it out HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Ball Breakers

  1. I don’t know the answer, but do have a question: when was the ball broken? Was it before the returner hit his shot, was it broken by the returners shot, or was it only discovered to be broken after the point ended? Or doesn’t it matter?

  2. I don’t know if the ball was broken when it was served or when the returner hit it. I don’t think it matters.

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