Two Naples area players went to the National 65 and 70 Hardcourt championships in California recently and both made it to the finals.

Mike Dahm (Ohio and Naples) had a great run in the 65s, making it to the finals. And Fred Drilling did equally well in the 70s. And both also played doubles as well.

For a link to the full draws in all four categories, please click HERE.

Emmo’s 50th Anniversary

Believe it or not, 2014 is the 50th anniversary of Roy Emerson’s Wimbledon singles finals victory over his Mate, Fred Stolle. The two also did a repeat performance the next year.

For a link to an incredible video showing young, limber and active Emmo and Fred in the finals, please click HERE.

Wimbledon Notes:

Hindrance”: Not only did Lukas Rosol try to get under Rafa’s skin by jumping around while he was serving, TV caught him intentionally knocking over Mr. Nadal’s exactly-placed water bottles!

Up a Notch: I generally do not care for how Djokovic acts, but he moved up a notch in my opinion when he over-ruled the chair and gave a critical point to his opponent, Stepanek.

Here are my picks for the Wimbledon champs..

• Men (picking with my heart): Roger
• Men (picking with my head): Djokovic
• Women (picking with my heart): Sharapova
• Women (picking with my head): Serena


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4 thoughts on “Congratulations…

  1. Hi George
    Goodness knows – whoever emerges on top a week from now will be a worthy winner with some great matches to look forward to in week 2. Murray is looking fit & strong but he hasn’t been tested yet – we are hoping for a repeat – we need cheering up after England’s dismal exit from the World Cup, our equally dismal cricket team & our crushing rugby defeat in New Zealand ! Come on Andy – he’s ‘ours’ at least until September (when Scotland is having an independence referendum) !!
    And may the best (looking) woman win !

  2. I participated in the hard court national (with greater enthusiasm than results) and had the pleasure of watching Mike and Fred compete. It is easy to almost take for granted Fred’s consistent, top performance as he has done it so well so long. Mike, however, is continuing to move up and his hard work showed in the tournament. There was some grueling matches where his physical and mental strength carried the day. I played him 5 or 6 years ago for the first time and have watched him steadily improve the quality of his game each year. He has added some guile and unpredictability while improving the penetration and consistency of his groundstrokes to go with his strong serve and volley game. Most important, he seems to keep very mentally balanced at critical times in the match and allows his game to be as good as it is versus a “fear of failure” underachieving. Inspirational!

    Winder – I agree… Mike Dahm and i talked about his continuing improvement at one of the January tournaments. You also did well! george

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